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International draft prospect works out for Utah Jazz

Abudushalamu Abudurexiti has drawn interest from multiple teams, including the Jazz

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The Athletic has reported that international prospect Abudushalamu Abudurexiti has worked out for multiple NBA teams, including our Utah Jazz. For help pronouncing that name, we go to J.E. Skeets of The Starters for help:

NBA announcers and analysts are definitely going to butcher that name.

Abudurexiti is a 6’8”, 200 lb wing with a good 3-point shot and the ability to attack closeouts. He moves well without the ball in his hands, finding the soft spot in the defense to spot-up from outside or making backdoor cuts when his defender ball-watches.

The good: understanding of offensive positioning, off-ball movement, outside shooting

The bad: lacks athleticism and explosiveness, defensive fundamentals need to improve

Abudurexiti is probably a potential 2nd-round pick at best, but drawing more Chinese interest to the NBA is always a good thing. Utah could use one of their 2nd round picks and try to develop this kid into a rotation player. There are few NBA teams with better player development coaches.