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What will happen with Derrick Favors in free agency?

Reviewing the Utah Jazz offseason and the Derrick Favors free agency decision

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Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

On this episode of the SLC Punks Podcast we look back at the Utah Jazz season and talk about some of our favorite moments. What was it that made the 2017-18 Utah Jazz so much fun? (wink ... wink... Donovan Mitchell ..cough.... great now I’m sick.)

Next we go over all the Utah Jazz’s offseason options. There are expiring contracts on this team to use in possible transactions. What types of moves can the Jazz do and what players are worth making a move for?

Then we look at Ricky Rubio this offseason. What do you do with Ricky Rubio now that he’s in a contract year? Is there a move you make or do you build off of last season?

Finally we talk about Derrick Favors and all his free agency options. Will Derrick Favors be on the Jazz next season? What will that take? Should the Jazz re-sign him?

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