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[DO NOT PUBLISH] 2018 NBA Awards: Utah Jazz’s Joe Ingles finalist for MVP

*ONLY PUBLISH IF JOE INGLES IS A FINALIST FOR MVP* The best Australian prospect to ever cross the pond selected as finalist for MVP.

*Internal Note: Only publish this if Joe Ingles is selected amongst the finalists for MVP. This is only in case Joe Ingles is one of the finalists announced. If not, DO NOT PUBLISH THIS.*

Once in a generation talent and the best Australian basketball player to every cross the Pacific pond Joe Ingles was selected as a finalist for the NBA’s most prestigious award, MVP. Joe Ingles was a force in the league. Donovan Mitchell once considered the franchises best chance to have an MVP candidate since Karl Malone, will have to take a back seat this season for the soon to be Aussie MVP.

Don’t sleep on the Aussie’s ungodly potentialWhile many don’t believe Joe Ingles has a chance at being MVP, the stats show that he is one of the three best players in the NBA for the *insert year here* season. Just look at the stats below:

*insert graphic showing how Joe Ingles is statistically superior to James Harden and LeBron James*

While many may think that Joe Ingles is only the second best Australian to enter the NBA, he actually has made *insert how many more threes Joe Ingles has hit in his career than Ben Simmons here. hint: it’s more than zero* than Ben Simmons in his career. He also has successfully trolled countless NBA players in the league forcing *insert number of technicals drawn here* from opposing players. He’s even successfully burned Shaq on live tv. He’s an athletic specimen that is made in the image of Adonis.

Many might recognize Joe Ingles from that one guy at the YMCA or their 13 year old son’s Jr. High shop class teacher. Previously he dominated the NBL.

With this nomination, the LA Clippers have to be kicking themselves that they released a soon to be MVP candidate only to have the Utah Jazz seize on his obvious potential.