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The best play from each Jazz player this season

2017-18’s best plays from every Jazz man

Utah Jazz v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Cutting straight to the chase. Here are the best plays from each Jazz man this season. In no particular order. Here we go.

Donovan Mitchell- The Putback

In my opinion, the play of the season. Arguably the best dunk in the entire NBA this season, Donovan Mitchell did the unthinkable. This dunk was great, because it was his first big-time play of the season. It landed him on SportsCenter, all over Twitter, and in the hearts of all of us. What a play from the rook.

Rudy Gobert- A game-winning swat

This single play embodies what Rudy Gobert meant to the Jazz this season. After recovering from two knee injuries, Gobert brought the Jazz back from the dead. This block sealed the game for the Jazz at the point in the season when every game mattered. It’s a great block, a great moment, and it was my favorite play from Rudy Gobert this season.


In his third playoff game of his career, Ricky Rubio went off. He had the game of his life recording a triple double, and had Vivint Area absolutely fired up after this one-footed runner, buzzer-beater three capping off a run that led the Jazz to victory.

Joe Ingles- The record breaker

No one in Utah Jazz history made more threes in a season than Joe Ingles did this year. He was automatic from behind the arch. My favorite play from Ingles this season was the shot that broke the franchise record, and secured his spot in Jazz infamy. It was aslo a big shot that helped decide the outcome of the game, in true Joe Ingles fashion.

Derrick Favors- Nothing “Freaky” about it

The Greek Freak tried to climb Mt. Favors, but was rejected at the gates. Favors made plays like this all season long. The casual killer, as I liked to refer to him as.


Royce “Buckets” O’Neale had a few plays this season that seemed to come out of nowhere, just like Royce himself did this season. Taking advantage of his opportunity on the Jazz, O’Neale showed great promise as a future Jazz man. This dunk on Clint Capela was straight from the hands of Zeus, struck down from like thunder from above.

Jae Crowder- Four-point play in Houston

Jae Crowder made some plays for the Jazz coming off the bench after his arrival on trade deadline day. This play was a great example of what Crowder brought for the Jazz, on the road in the playoffs.

Thabo Sefolosha- pick pocket on Trey Lyles

I can’t wait until next season to see more of Thabo Sefolosha. Before his season-ending injury, he was a great player for the Jazz as a defensive-minded veteran on the squad. This play is perfect for many reasons, and Jazz fans don’t need to use their imaginations to figure out why.

Dante Exum- X GON’ GIVE IT TO YA

This play got me more hyped than any other play this season. I was so fired up. It seemed that Dante Exum dunked out every single frustration that he’s faced in his young NBA career. All the injuries, the playing time, the developement- taken out on the rim in the playoffs that officialy silenced the whole arena.

Alec Burks- AB Throwdown

There’s just something about Alec Burks dunks. They are different than other dunks, and this one was just as awesome as you might remember.

Raul Neto- The quiet mamba

Raul Neto’s game isn’t anything of flash, but his play is respectable and crafty. This little in-and-out move and reverse finish was a cool play after another solid season as a backup for Raul.

Jonas Jerebko- from outta nowhere

Jones Jerebko was one of those guys that would just come in every now and then and do something cool. This putback jam was exactly that, coming out of nowhere and slamming it home.

Ekpe Udoh- block on opening night

Udoh had some great defensive plays this season, and my favorite one came on opening night against the Nuggets. This block and tipout electrified the arena and helped start the Jazz out in the winning column.

David Stockton- the GOAT’s son

Stockon was a great story this season, and it was fun to see him get minutes in garbage time. This three got Jazz fans on their feet, and added a couple more points to the Stockton family scoring legacy.

Tony Bradley- getting time

One of the few buckets from Tony Bradley this season in an NBA game. Bradley showed some nice promise in D-League games, and can hopefully continue to improve and develop getting his game to an NBA level.