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2018 NBA Draft Player Profile: Shake Milton

Shake Milton is a jack of all trades type of prospect that Utah’s development system could magnify.

NCAA Basketball: Southern Methodist at Wichita State Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus when it comes to Shake Milton. He’s projected to go as high as 21 by the ringer, while has him going at 38. He’s not an explosive athlete, with just a 33” max vertical, and at the combine he failed to convert a single field goal over 2 days of scrimmages. However... he is 6’4.5” with a monstrous 7’0.75” wingspan, weighing in at 207 with 6.8% body fat and hands measuring 8.75” long and 9.5” wide. Physically, he’s a specimen, and he’s definitely versatile, with a stat line of 18 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.4 steals, and 0.6 blocks per game on 45/43/85 shooting splits.

College Numbers


Versatility: Shake is a jack-of-all-trades type of player, capable of doing a little bit of everything on both sides of the court.

Size & length: 6’4.5” in socks with an absurd 7’0” wingspan and a solid 207 pounds. Milton has a good NBA body. His long arms help him sneak into passing lanes and smother ball handlers on defense.

Shooting: Milton is a career 42.7% 3-point shooter in college on 445 attempts, and he shot 85% from the free throw line this season. Shooting is usually one of the more translatable skills from college to NBA.


Athleticism: Milton’s combine agility and strength tests are similar to one Trey Burke... hopefully his elite size and wingspan help make up for some of his athletic shortcomings.

Consistency: Milton shot worse than 42% from the field in 10 of his 22 games this season, and worse than 32% four times. He had 12 games in which he shot 50% or better from 3-point range, but also shot 33% or worse 7 times. He’ll need to be more consistent to be successful at the next level.

Fit with the Utah Jazz

Offensive versatility is difficult to find. Could be a solid backup guard for Utah as a deep threat off the bench who can also rebound and pass a little bit.

Likelihood Utah drafts him

It’s difficult to say, and kind of depends on how Dennis Lindsey and co. believe Dante Exum fits with Utah’s team moving forward. If Utah plans on keeping both Ricky Rubio and Exum, then there isn’t much room for a guy like Milton, especially with Donovan Mitchell and Royce O’Neale soaking up minutes at the 1/2/3. If one of Rubio or Exum is seen as expendable or as a trade chip, then Milton could fit well as a bench player with upside.

Milton won’t be the first choice, but if Lindsey’s other targets are off the board, I can’t imagine he’ll be too upset about taking Milton at 21.