Grayson Allen

I asked a friend back in Utah what people are saying about the Jazz's draft pick and he said it's mostly negative. While Grayson Allen isn't a sexy pick I think it was the right pick.

The biggest danger of drafting a Sr is that he was playing against younger kids so he had an advantage in college that probably made him look better than he actually was. This isn't the case with Allen. He played well in the tourny as a freshman and his best year was his sophomore year.

He doesn't address our biggest need of a stretch four, but this draft only offered a few stretch fours that projected to be quality players and they were selected well ahead of the 21st pick. Allen does, however, address our 2nd biggest need of More Shooting.

He's a combo guard so he can back up both Rubio and Mitchell. I know that's Exum's job, but if a team offers him a max deal I don't think we should match it. I think Allen is already a better offensive player than Exum, and Exum may never develop into a scorer. If we do bring Exum back, he now has some competition for minutes and maybe that lights a fire in him.

Allen isn't a good defender. I don't care what his combine numbers were, he wasn't a good defender in college and he'll need to work hard to become just an average defender in the NBA. I'm ok with that. This isn't football, offense is more important than defense in basketball. Also, he apparently played great when the Jazz brought him in to play against other players. His defense couldn't have been Carmelo Anthony-bad for him to have had a great workout.

What about all the tripping? I'm hoping he matures past this, but he had no known off-the-court problems so I'm not really worried about his character. When the league hits his wallet for a dirty play he'll remedy this problem himself.

There were other players I wanted the Jazz to draft: Zhaire Smith, Donte DiVincenzo, Troy Brown, Kevin Hueter, and Lonnie Walker. Every single one was already drafted. However, I didn't rank any of them that far ahead of Allen and I was happy Allen was still there. This isn't like when we drafted Trey Lyles when a clearly better player, Devin Booker, was still available.

I think Grayson Allen becomes our sixth man and I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the running for Sixth Man of the Year. That's not bad at all for the 21st pick.

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