#1 Defensive starting lineup paired with the #1 Offensive bench unit in the NBA

I propose adding the perfect FA to secure the top defensive first unit in the league which would at least slow down some of the best offenses, while torching other 2nd units in scoring

A starting lineup of Rubio / Mitchell / Ingles / Paul George / Gobert would slow down most offenses while providing 3 solid scorers as well.

The bench could include Neto / O'Neale / G Allen / Crowder / Isaac Haas with Erik McCree and Kalen Martin as extra fire power. McCree, Martin and Haas will be featured in our summer league but could prove worthy for a roster spot if we have to clear cap room to land Paul George. All 3 of these guys can score. I wish I could get excited about Georges Niang but I probably just don't like the way his name rolls off the tongue. He averaged an impressive 57%FG / 45%3PT and 87%FT this last year in the D League. Unfortunately his game is kind of boring to watch. I wish there was a way we could sign the undrafted Rawle Atkins to replace Exum

if we could afford Rubio / Mitchell / Ariza / PG / Gobert and move Ingles to the bench with G Allen / O'Neale / Crowder / Haas I would be elated

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