Did Lindsey make a mistake this season?

I was thinking a lot about how Dennis Lindsey seems to get almost everything right. Heading into the Draft, I can't think of a GM I'd rather have pulling the strings. As a fanbase, we are almost expecting another Donovan Mitchell. Maybe not to the same degree as lightning rarely strikes twice but moreso a Royce O'Neale, Joe Ingles or Wes Matthews (credit KOC).

Obviously he isn't perfect (no one is) but can anyone actually think of a significant mistake he has made this season? The Gordon Hayward saga was far from a mistake on his part as with Gordon we would actually have that missing piece. I'm sure someone will point out some other minor mistake but there really aren't many.

The thing that springs to mind for me is Derrick Rose. There would have been some things that happened behind closed doors with Derrick's agent but I do wonder whether he would've filled the gap against the Rockets. For the TWolves in round 1 vs the Rockets, he averaged 23.8mins, 14.2pts, 2.6 asts and 1.8rbs. Not mind blowing numbers but with that next to Donovan at this stage, we may have been able to win another game or two at least. Derrick Rose did state that he wasn't opposed to coming to Utah but he never really said he wanted to either. How would he have been with sitting behind Ricky and probably Dante too? Would he have actually fit in? Would we have made it to the Finals this year? There are all kinds of what ifs but if I had to reach, I'd say this was Dennis Lindsey's most significant mistake of the season.

Clearly, the Utah Jazz are in a very good position having someone as talented as Dennis Lindsey sitting in the GM chair. The future is very bright and I can't wait for the next season to start (let alone the Draft and Free Agency).

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