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2018 NBA Free Agency: Utah Jazz Day 1 Review

Reviewing the first night of the Utah Jazz’s free agency.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it’s better just to get a good night’s rest and see where the chips fall in the morning. That was the Utah Jazz’s strategy while the NBA was going madhouse with almost 20 deals made—who says you can’t tamper?—just after midnight eastern. The Utah Jazz have a few meetings setup and it’s worth looking at what’s going on today?

Derrick Favors

The Utah Jazz have a meeting setup for 10am MT with Derrick Favors in Atlanta. No word yet if Donald Glover will be there, but Dennis Lindsey and staff will be there pitching Derrick Favors on what would most likely be this offseason’s contract du jour, the one year deal.

There are rumblings that no one else has a meeting with Derrick Favors at this time. Prompting many to speculate that Utah will most certainly be bringing the Power Forward back. The only competition would be Phoenix, but one would assume that scenario would only occur if Utah shows the wrong Dragon Ball Z/Derrick Favors mashup video at the presentation today.

Dante Exum

Dante Exum does have a meeting with Utah, but his free agency could be further drawn out as his side goes hunting for a more lucrative deal. Utah holds a lot of the negotiating power with Exum, so it stands to reason that his team will go looking to other teams in order to raise his price. Most expect Exum to return to Utah—he’s only 22 years old and still has loads of potential—but many are unsure of what that looks like for Utah. Does Utah get him on a very team friendly contract or does some team come out of left field to force the Jazz’s hand on him?

Expiring Contracts

The non-guaranteed contracts of Thabo Sefolosha, Jonas Jerebko, and Ekpe Udoh must have a decision by 11:59PM EST tonight. Sefolosha’s team has put out the requisite “he’s going to be back to playing soon” leaks to try to spur his free agency negotiations or get Utah to guarantee his contract for next season. For the most part, it would not be out of the realm of impossibility that all three are gone next season as Utah looks to return Derrick Favors and give second year player Tony Bradley more actual minutes.

Raul Neto

Neto feels like an insurance policy if some team tries to derail the Utah Jazz-Dante Exum contract negotiations or if Utah has an opportunity open up that requires them to part with Exum and Favors. Many expect Neto to return to Utah regardless, but he’ll be the last piece of Utah’s offseason to get a deal. His resolution could be in two weeks as a Woj firecracker rather than a Woj Bomb.

Jabari Parker

This is an obligatory Jabari Parker blurb. Word is he is very much available and even Salt Lake City media is getting that news. Is there a bigger deal going on in the background? We’ll find out soon.