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The Utah Jazz Offseason Personality Test

Which one are you?

Nobody is having more fun this offseason than the Utah Jazz. From traveling the world to tending the kids, Jazz players have been seen in various locations participating in diverse activities. Of all of the Utah Jazz offseason personalities, which one fits you and your summer activities the best? Take the quiz below and find out!

Instructions: Select the best-fitting answer to each of the questions below, keeping track of your points as each question passes. Once you get to the end, total your points, and find your match!

What is your go-to Instagram post?

Inspirational workout videos or life messages (7 points)

Bible quotes (3 points)

Videos of ducks in my backyard (5 points)

Hanging out with family/friends (10 points)

Haven’t been on Instagram in months (1 point)

Lowkey modeling sessions/ showing everyone how good looking I am (8 points)

How often do you cut your hair?

Every two weeks- gotta keep it fresh (10 points)

Idk, whenever it looks like it’s getting too long (2 points)

Haven’t cut my hair or shaved in who knows how long (8 points)

I don’t really grow hair any more (1 point)

What do you find yourself doing on a casual weeknight?

Tending the kiddos (1 point)

Watching The Office on Netflix (10 points)

Out on the town with friends (7 points)

Hitting the gym, gotta stay on that grind!!! (6 points)

What did you do on the 4th of July?

Hit up the neighborhood barbecue and got buckets in the pool (10 points)

Anything else (3 points)

If you were to make an appearance at an event, what are you wearing?

Nothing flashy, t-shirt and jeans (1 point)

Throwback Jazz jersey (10 points)

No shirt, gotta flex on ‘em (4 points)

Something that sticks out- pink suit, floral prints, etc (6 points)

When you go to a party, what are you doing?

Life of the party: talking to everyone and everyone wants to talk to me (10 points)

Laying low just chillin (5 points)

Just there for the food (3 points)

I don’t go to parties (1 point)

How you do you handle yourself in summer sports activities, particularly pickup basketball?

I have a reputation for being a dirty player (3 points)

No such thing as playing for fun, I’m here to win (5 points)

I’m the best no matter what I’m playing (10 points)

Everyone foolishly underestimates my skills (1 point)

I play my heart out from start to finish (7 points)

What’s your ideal hairstyle?

Man bun (8 points)

Dreads (5 points)

Fresh fade (10 points)

Basic missionary haircut (3 points)

Balding (1 point)

What are your traveling habits?

Getting out a seeing different places in the world is a must (5 points)

I use time off to go back home to see family and old friends (3 points)

Getting outside to enjoy new places in the woods, mountains, or other places in nature (4 points)

I stick around home as much as I can, don’t get around much (2 points)

What is your focus for the summer months?

Have as much fun as possible (10 points)

Staying on the grind, keeping eyes on the prize (5 points)

Spending time with family (1 point)


10-20 points:

You lay low for most of the summer, just trying to keep the children alive. Being a parent is your main priority, and you love it. You work hard to keep your dad-bod in prime grilling shape. You keep it real with your white air nikes or sandals with socks. You are the least-expected to take over a pickup basketball game, but you do every time to the surprise of everyone around.


Instagram- Renae Ingles

21-30 points:

You’re the new one in the squad. You’re somewhat basic on the outside, but a unique gem on the inside. You take everything you do very seriously, sometimes TOO seriously. Your temper sometimes gets the best of you. A lot of people hate you, but you don’t really care. You’re the person that gets way too into the neighborhood volleyball game and spikes it into the innocent 10-year-old girl’s face.


2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

31-40 points:

You workout every single day, and never cheat yourself of an opportunity to get stronger. You are that person at the pool party that everyone get jealous of over your great summer body. You inspire others with your work ethic and strong will at remaining healthy and on top of life. You occasionally find yourself texting your friends in all caps with lots of exclamation points and emojis because you are so hype about life.


Instagram- Jae Crowder

41-50 points:

You are the quiet, yet rich and eccentric friend/relative that everyone always talks about. Your summer activities posted on Instagram make everyone jealous, and you don’t hesitate to let everyone know how good your life is. You dominate every recreational activity that you participate in, and it makes others mad because it’s just not fair. You sport the leopard print shirts with confidence and pull off the look that others can’t.


NBA Awards Show 2018 - Arrivals Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

51-65 points:

You are loved by everyone you come in contact with. Your charm is contagious and makes everyone around you fall in love each time they see you. You pull off the extreme hairstyles without a problem. You grow a great head of long, luscious hair, and a notoriously thick beard (if you are a man). You love going home to spend time with the family and old friends, and realize the importance of respecting your roots. You give back to the community and are overall just a great person.


66+ points:

You are the game-changer. The minute you walk in somwhere, others notice. You are the star in every setting you step foot in. You take a boring party or event and make it hoppin’. You are friends with everyone, and grow your network with every passing day. You are skilled and talented, but yet still humble. You don’t let your successes get to your head, and remember to give credit to those that helped you get to the top. You like spiders. You’re also very good at basketball.


NBA Awards Show 2018 - Arrivals Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images