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That’s not a fight. THAT’S a fight: Australia and Philippines BRAWL

A fight so outlandish that even Joe Ingles would have been embarrassed.

At the FIBA World qualifiers, Australia and the Philippines were playing for a spot at the FIBA World Championship. This is just qualifiers so most teams aren’t sending their A-Teams. Joe Ingles, Dante Exum, Ben Simmons, and Patty Mills were not in attendance. THANK GOD THEY WEREN’T because the basketball match went full Palace Brawl with players throwing chairs, bystanders throwing punches at players, and Thon Maker throwing knees.

This fight has literally everything.

People throwing chairs.

Fans throwing punches.

Thon Maker throwing kneemakers.

ON BRAND Australian commentary.

What did Utah’s resident Australian trash talking and skirmish expert have to say about the festivities? Nothing yet. You better believe we’re on pins and needles waiting for Joe Ingles take on his national team’s craziness. As far as other Australian team members go who were not at the game.

Here’s some good old fashioned Utah Jazz commentary.