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REPORT: Utah Jazz waive Jonas Jerebko

What does Dennis Lindsey have in mind for his roster spot?

Just when it looked like the Utah Jazz were done making changes to the roster this offseason, Dennis Lindsey shows he has something else in mind. The Great Woj dropped the news this morning that Jonas Jerebko has been waived by the Jazz.

The Jazz confirmed the report with the following press release:

Jonas was a decent pickup last offseason and played the role of stretch big for the Jazz, shooting over 41% from 3. He played some good minutes off the bench, but his defensive play may have lead to Dennis Lindsey’s decision to move in another direction. At 31 years old, he was also one of the oldest players on Utah’s roster.

With Sweden losing to England in the World Cup today, it likely hasn’t been one of Jerebko’s better days. Fortunately it would appear that Jonas already has a landing spot with a new team.

Thanks for your time in a Jazz jersey and good luck with your next move! You started off on the right foot here in Utah and we appreciated the love. Here were the 2 tweets Jonas sent out after signing last summer that made me like him instantly.

The question now moves to what Dennis Lindsey has planned for the roster spot this move opened up. Could Georges Niang be getting a full time spot on the roster? Does Linsdey have his eyes set on one of the remaining free agents? Stay tuned, apparently Utah’s summer isn’t done just yet.

UPDATE: Jonas has also put out his own thank to Salt Lake City