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Joe Ingles is Ironman

Plus some Ricky Rubio assist highlights!

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Ingles was one of the best 3 point shooters in basketball last year. Scratch that. Joe Ingles was one of the best basketballers last year. There’s another graphic with Joe Ingles that came out recently that honestly kind of surprised me.

Joe Ingles is not only the GOAT, but he’s ironman as well. He’ll look to push that record and more once next season starts. I think I’ll be 65 by the time next season starts...

Another day, another awesome Donovan Mitchell stat showing his greatness. This one gets a little specific, but I think it has value nonetheless.

Donovan Mitchell is on top, if you didn’t notice. I cannot wait to see this kid’s second year leap. I don’t know how he’ll become a better finisher around the rim, but he will. I don’t know how he’ll improve his ball-handling, but he will. I don’t know how he’ll shoot better from downtown, but he will. I don’t know how he’ll make the all star team in the West, but he will.

In fact, let’s just assume he makes a jump similar to who many people compared him last year.

Hey oh! We got some Fan Posts going down this week!

Beeblebrox comes at us with some Random NBA Trivia

August is the worst month for NBA fans. Free agency is over, but training camps haven’t started yet, so we’re all bored and waiting for something interesting to happen. Last year, I wrote a post asking everyone for their all time starting 5 for different franchises. This year I want you to give me your weird/obscure NBA facts.

utahcoyote gives us a link (here you go) to an interview with Oscar Robertson, where he discusses stats some.

And teenwolfenstein dives into some statistics about how win totals would change if teams changed conferences.

There was an interesting discussion on the July 25th Downbeat about the dependence of team records on conference. The prevailing common sense sentiment seems to be that East records are artificially inflated since they play less games against the top West teams. There were a number of interesting points and counter-points. The discussion, and the analysis by mulrich, inspired me to finally make an official SLCDunk account, because I had an idea for addressing this question.

mulrich performed the following analysis:

Welcome to the Dunk, by the way, and thanks for the post!

Look it’s Tuesday in the doldrums of summer. You need your Ricky Rubio fix. I got you. Here’s his assists highlights from year 1 in a Jazz jersey.

Last summer, Garden Gnomewad left town. (Sorry, I know that’s not his name it is just my favorite when Jazz fans intentionally slaughter his name). This was despite the community’s efforts with the cool billboards that were put up around Salt Lake City. Well, after seeing the NBA schedule released, we now know he returns on November 9th.

Basketball John wondered if Utah should put up some billboards for him again.

Alright everybody, it’s your turn. What’s your best billboard idea?