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Donovan Mitchell pays for fan’s iPhone repair.

Who needs a statue when you’ve already achieved sainthood?

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Donovan Mitchell has been the perfect Jazz player in his short tenure so far with the team. Literally, fans could not have created a more perfect player than Mitchell. If the fans had try to create a perfect player before last summer, they would have had to improve it by a million for it come close to being as amazing as Donovan. Donovan is exciting on the court, with all the talent in the world, but its his persona off the court that is brining him attention. Never have the Jazz had a player with this level of talent that has also been as media savvy and fan friendly as Donovan.

Mitchell, instantly warmed Jazz fans hearts, just weeks after being drafted by tweeting out pics of himself watching classic Stockton to Malone games and commenting on them. Throughout the season he constantly and sincerely praised the state of Utah and Jazz fans. Mitchell has done so much that he has brought more attention to the state and team than any player since Karl Malone.

In the off season we often don’t hear about what players are doing, this is not the case with Donovan. While not seeking the attention, Donovan can not be ignored. This summer alone Donovan made July 4th a now happy memory for Jazz fans by crashing fans BBQs. He also wore a Karl Malone jersey to a summer league game.

Mitchell has topped that all with this small act of kindness. Last night a fan tweeted this:

Donovan replied:

Thank you, Donovan. We don’t know what we did to deserve you, but we thank you with all our hearts.