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Stockton... Open... 3!

You know how it ends!

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Twitter account has been spending a day for each NBA team posting franchise highlights and statistics. I will never give up the opportunity to watch this highlight. I get chills every. single. time.

I may have only been 4 years old at that time, but I remember that play. Where were you when Stockton hit “The Shot”?

I must be in a highlight mood today. Or it must be summer and all we really have to go off is highlights. In any case, here is a highlight reel of the best plays from the Utah Jazz for the 2017-2018 season.

What was your personal favorite play from the season this year?

If you’re just looking for the Top 10 plays, then they’ve got you covered as well.

cchappell18 starts off the Fan Posts this week with a complete redraft of the NBA.

So here is the scenario. The entire current NBA pool of players is being redrafted. You are the GM and have the number 1 pick. Who are you taking? (I will intentionally leave Joe Ingles out of this poll because we all know he is the best option.)

Theo Kamis discusses the NBA’s best backcourt duos, including the following poll.

What starting NBA backcourt is significantly better than the Jazz’, and as good/better than the Warriors’?

Want to become an official member* of the Utah Jazz? (*not the basketball team) Then your time has come!

Here’s the qualifications they are looking for

Must be 18 or older

Required to work all Utah Jazz home games

Must be in good physical shape

Must have extensive hip-hop experience dancing on/with a team

Must work well with others and enjoy interacting with people

There’s gotta be somebody amongst our SLC Dunk crowd that can make the team! As for myself, at least I’m 18. That’s pretty much the only criteria I meet... I do work well with others, but interacting with people!??!

One more highlight reel, just for good measures. Rudy is the DPOY and I think we all need a mid-summer reminder on just how dominant he was this season.

And for some bonus content in the world of potentially-petty likes, I can’t help but think Donovan Mitchell believes he should have been higher on this list and will be out to prove it come October.