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Ways to improve on the best home court advantage in the NBA

The advantages the Jazz are looking for!

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest things about the playoffs was how Jazz fans proved themselves to be the best in the game. Against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Jazz hivemind was louder than any other stadium. Jazz fans also somehow created a nickname for Paul George organically (Pushoff P) and got into multiple player’s heads by yelling heinous things like “Your the biggest flopper in the game.”

Whether you thought the nickname was good or not, it was effective. It helped Joe Ingles get in Paul George’s head. It may have even been part of Paul George going 2/everything in a closeout playoff game.

Considering how effective Jazz fans were in the OKC playoff series, there has to be more ways the Jazz crowd can become even more ... advantageous. Here are some ideas for ways to make Utah the ultimate home court.


One of the greatest interactions between fans and the game I’ve seen was during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa because of the vuvuzela.


The Vuvuzela took on a life of his own during the World Cup and created an incredible level of volume. Imagine Jazz fans bringing these to the game, or better yet, buying them there. The Jazz bottom line can thank me later. Also, I’m just gonna pretend like I know what bottom line means.

Also, the fact that Vuvuzela looks like a certain local religious symbol means that this should be happening sooner than later.

The level of sound will be deafening, the Jazz will have to learn certain hand signals for plays. But this is an advantage! Whenever a team comes to Utah, it’ll be like the Quarterback who can’t hear the play calls. The Jazz will have communication, and other teams won’t. What an advantage!


Some of the most amazing fan moments come in the form of chant or song and Jazz fans need to come up with one either for before or during games.

One of the coolest chants out there is the Vikings “Skol Chant”

I also love the singing and chanting in soccer.

This is more selfish on my part. I don’t really think this is going to give any sort of advantage. I just want this. I want the singing, the chanting and the comradery.

But what song or chant should Jazz fans sing?

Mocking Sound Effects

One of the best additions the Jazz started was playing 8-bit sound effects when they hit a three or a free throw.

But there can be so much more with this concept.

What if when the opposing team is on offense you play incredibly rythmless music. I recommend the didgeridoo. How are opposing teams going to get anything going with vuvuzelas blaring with the latest didgeridoo hit blasting over the speakers.

Other teams have to pump in fake crowd sound. But Utah is on another level. On top of having the loudest fans, the’ll have chants, plastic trumpets and inane Australian instruments blaring.

It’ll work. it has to work because having read the rules for what fans can and can’t do at an NBA game, you can bet it’s about to change based on what Jazz fans are about to do.