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Joe Ingles is great at everything, including mixtapes

Utah Jazz hype videos are coming!

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

With the season just around the corner, the hype videos will be coming and I am here for them. But we may have already gotten the best hype video yet. This Joe Ingles mixtape is as good as they get.

My favorite line of the whole thing is probably the “Thinnin Hair Thrilla.”

This artwork by Char calling Joe the “Dad Bod God” commemorating the rap is exquisite.

On NBA Reddit there was a very interesting Twitter Sentiment Analysis of each fan base. It looks like the majority of Jazz fans are “positive” while also feeling “trust” and “anticipation” for their team.

It’s hard to disagree. Dennis Lindsey and his team have done nothing but build trust with Jazz fans by creating a top notch organization from top to bottom. And as far as anticipation goes, who isn’t dying to see what happens with this Jazz team next year? I personally can’t wait!

Beyond these descriptors, what words would you use to describe the Utah Jazz fan base?

Conrad Burry released some ideas for Christmas jerseys this year and they’re great!

I’m a fan of both sweaters and Christmas making it easy to love these. I’m also always excited at any chance to see the Jazz wear purple.

No matter what the Jazz end up wearing on Christmas, they’re going to look good doing it.

Apparently the Philadelphia 76ers did not hire Justin Zanik but chose Elton Brand as their new GM.

Zanik is a high quality GM who does great work for the team. As frustrated as Zanik no doubt feels, Jazz fans are lucky to still have him with a big free agency coming up next year.

His knowledge of contracts and player relations will be invaluable.

Ekpe Udoh has clarified ONCE AND FOR ALL the pronunciation of his name. He also let us know his full name and it’s amazing.

I can’t think of a better middle name than “Friday.” Nothing is better than waking up and realizing it’s almost the weekend. What better way to commemorate that amazing feeling than by naming your child after this joyous day?! Ekpe’s parents deserve a lot of credit for that choice, and also raising a great son too!