Will Grayson Allen Be a Good Fit For Utah?

Grayson Allen fit in very quickly with the Utah Jazz this summer. He played very smoothly all-around, and really showed how versatile he is. High flying dunks, great 3 point shots, and efficient passing is what shows Allen could be quite valuable. Right off the bat he looked at home. Personally, I wasn’t excited at all when I saw the Jazz pick Allen, but now that he’s here he could be of some use to the team.

Everybody who knows of Grayson Allen also knows about his multiple tripping incidents in the past. This is why I didn’t want him in Utah. Nobody likes poor sportsmanship, and it only takes one time of tripping your opponent to cause a serious injury. But if he cleans up that aspect of his game, there’s no stopping him.

He already shows amazing signs of leadership. Very comfortable with ball handling, mildly impressive court vision, good chemistry between teammates, and immense versatility. Allen’s scouting profile listed defense as a strong suit, and he’s only continuing to show his improvement in an aspect that was already outstanding. Smart screen reading, perception of opponents movements, etc.

He makes smart offensive plays; He knows when to shoot the ball, when to pass, who to pass to, ball fakes regularly, and not to mention he can fly. In fact, Allen was practicing windmill and inbetween-the-legs dunks of which were praised by sophomore teammate Donovan Mitchell.

At the rookie training camp, Joe Ingles stated how impressed he was with Allen’s performance. "He just knows how to play," Ingles told a reporter, after practice. "I don’t know if it’s four years of college or just him. Probably a bit of both. He plays the right way. He plays hard. The passion to compete is at a super high level. Since I’ve been here, he’s shown he can step in and play right away," (via

Grayson also spoke to a reporter, stating how much support he gets from his teammates. "‘Donovan’s been helping me a lot," Allen explains. "He went through it last year, so he can probably tell by whatever look I have on my face what I’m thinking." (via

With his confidence expanding, as well as his abilities as a player, it’s safe to say Allen will thrive in Utah. Especially with the support he’s receiving from his city, and his team. And Ingles was right, 4 years of college has prepared him just that much further for having a successful career at a professional level.

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