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Utah Jazz come back to beat the Orlando Magic in a tale of two halves

Never sleep on Donovan Mitchell

NBA: Orlando Magic at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In a game the Jazz couldn’t afford to lose, midway through the first half they found themselves down by 21 points.

Whether it was a hangover from a big game against the Milwaukee Bucks, or the fact that nearly a third of the team was out with injury, the Jazz looked lethargic while the Magic were red hot.

Things were so bad in the first half that some fans even started to boo. Joe Ingles commented on it after the game.

The second half was another story for Utah who came out with a renewed defensive energy and also Donovan Mitchell is a player on the team.

It started in the third quarter where the Jazz held the Magic to just 12 points while scoring 32 of their own. That started a run that never stopped till the game ended.

The NBA’s lead tracker shows just how dominant Utah’s second half was.

Some of the notable players in the game were Raul Neto who stepped up with Ricky Rubio and Dante Exum out with injuries. Joe Ingles had a nice bounceback game from three where he shot 4/8. Rudy Gobert was his usual dominant self with 12 points, 14 rebounds and only one soul stolen at the rim.

But the biggest difference maker offensively was Donovan Mitchell who was absolutely electric.

Last year the Jazz had a formula where they’d play top five defense to get the lead or keep it close until the fourth quarter. Then, about halfway through the fourth, they’d give the ball to Donovan Mitchell who would get to work.

It was good enough to propel the Jazz to the 5th seed and the second round of the playoffs.

For the first quarter of the season, it seemed like teams had found a way to take that away from the Jazz.

In the last 4-5 games, Donovan Mitchell is back to being the Sandman closer we remember. His explanation for it is pretty simple, he’s letting the game come to him.

Mitchell is getting better every game and seems to be past that wall that hit him this season. The sky's the limit for the Jazz if Mitchell can continue this level of play.