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Utah Jazz extend streak to 4 with win over Pistons

I think they’ve finally turned the corner

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Death. Taxes. And the Utah Jazz digging themselves into an early whole. How many times have we seen it this year, like 100? Tonight was no different, as the Detroit Pistons got a 12-5 jump on the Jazz. The Pistons built the lead to 12 at 55-43 before the Jazz were able to bring the lead to a more manageable 6 at the break.

Free throws. Free throws. Free throws. It seems like the Jazz split the pair every time they are at the line. In that first half alone they left 8 points at the charity stripe by shooting 16/24 (66.7%)!! Come on man!

Utah’s offense certainly wasn’t helping their defense either with 10 first half turnovers. Every time it felt like they were finally going to make a little run and get back into it, the Pistons would hit a difficult three and kill the momentum. For the third time in their 4-game homestead, the Jazz went into the break without the lead.

Here are some first half highlights. First, a simple slo-mo of Kyle Korver shooting the basketball. That will never, ever get old.

Donovan Mitchell driving to the hoop and shaking guys along the way is another favorite pastime of mine to watch.

Fortunately the Jazz played a better 2nd half than they did the first half. The 2nd quarter saw them wipe that first half lead away very quickly with an early 9-0 run. The defense finally locked in as well, limiting the Pistons to only 15 points. With a 1 point lead heading into the 4th, it felt like yet another 2nd half comeback by the Jazz.

How have I made it this far without mentioning Rudy Gobert? (BTW, go give him some all star votes. Like right now! Create a new tab and vote. This recap ain’t going anywhere) He was an absolute monster tonight. With 18 points and 25 rebounds, he dominated tonight and was just everywhere. That doesn’t include all of the shots he effected on top of his two blocks.

Oh that feeling? Yep. The Jazz came back and won with a commanding 4th quarter. Now on a 4 game winning streak, the Jazz are taking advantage of the less difficult schedule. Can they keep it going in LA on Wednesday?

Lines of the Night

Rudy Gobert: 18 points, 25 rebounds (tied his career high), 3 assists, 2 blocks

Donovan Mitchell: 28 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals

Kyle Korver: 19 points, 5/11 from 3, devilishly good looks

Play of the Night