Fake Trades for 9 Potential Targets

To forewarn, all of these deals are unlikely. It's really hard to gauge what trade partners want, and in most cases they probably prefer to keep their player since so many teams are in the playoff race. I also think saving cap space for an offer to Tobias Harris or Khris Middleton gives the Jazz a higher ceiling. All that said, here are a bunch of ideas:

Aaron Gordon

Favors + Exum + Allen + 1st for Gordon + Ross (gives 22.8m in 2019 cap space)

Rubio + Exum + Allen + 1st for Gordon + Augustin (gives 16m in 2019 cap space)

I think there's almost no chance Orlando trades Aaron Gordon. But, if they did, I would sell the farm for him. He's not better than Tobias Harris, but his contract is incredible: it goes down to $20m, $18m, then $16m. A trade for Gordon would most certainly require a bunch of young guys + picks, but it gives the Jazz a third star *and* roster flexibility moving forward.

In trade one, the Jazz can re-sign Rubio and Ross over the cap, and get an $8.9m MLE to replace Exum. They'd be very deep. In trade two they could throw a front-loaded offer to Malcolm Brogden starting at $16m with Augustin as a backup.

Otto Porter

Favors + Thabo + 1st for Otto Porter

Favors + Rubio + Thabo for Otto + Mahinmi + Satoransky

A trade for Otto pretty much means the Jazz operate over the cap next season, so a year of Mahinmi isn't terrible. In trade one, the re-sign Rubio and get an 8.9m MLE for wing depth (maybe Trevor Ariza?). In trade two, Exum or Mitchell run the point. Maybe Mahinmi + a 1st could be flipped for a backup PG?

Danilo Galinnari

Favors + 1st for Danilo Gallinari

It's probably very unlikely LA wants to trade Gallo, especially with his play. If the Clippers continue to fall out of the playoff race, and they want more cap space for next year, maybe? If they want Durant or Kawhi + Tobias, then Gallo is the odd man out. For Utah, he's a great fit. His contract is decent, and the Jazz can either re-sign Rubio and operate over the cap, or target a different point guard.

Kevin Love

Favors + Thabo + 1st for Kevin Love

I think Kevin Love is gettable, but I don't love his age, contract, defense, or health. That said, if no other trades are available and the Jazz aren't confident in signing a free agent, it's not the worst outcome. Love is a great cultural and offensive fit, at least.

D’Angelo Russell

Thabo + Allen + Pick for D'Angelo Russell

Favors + Allen + Pick for D'Angelo Russell + Carroll

I'm unsure Brooklyn has interest in trading him. He's playing great for them right now and could be in the long-term plans. On the flip side, they just signed Spencer Dinwiddie, and since Russell's cap hold is $21m, they can't keep his bird rights and target a big free agent. There's a chance Brooklyn decides they can't keep him and get assets now. A trade would be costly, especially since they could wait for free agency — but, a trade gets him for sure, and Russell is young with a lot of upside. Assuming his next contract starts around $16–20m, the Jazz would have cap space to target a mid-tier power forward like Thaddeus Young or Taj Gibson.

T.J. Warren

Thabo + 1st for T.J. Warren

Favors + 1st for T.J. + Crawford

I'm not sure Phoenix is enticed enough by either of these deals. Maybe Grayson Allen could be involved. TJ is also a tricky fit — would he start over Ingles or Jae? If not, does he get enough minutes as a backup? That said, he's had a fantastic offensive year, averaging 18ppg and 43% from three. He could be great for our offense. His contract is really good too. Trading for him still gives the Jazz $19–23m in space — just enough to offer a 4-year $100 million contract to Tobias or Middleton.

Harrison Barnes

Favors + Thabo for Harrison Barnes

I don't love Barnes, and I don't know how Dallas values him — no clue if either team says yes to this. Like Love, he's a decent fall-back plan, but I think I'd rather risk free agency than trade for him. Also, there's a chance he turns down his player option. The upside is he's averaging 18ppg and 40% from three. Is he that much better than T.J. Warren, though?

Tim Hardway Jr.

Rubio for Hardaway

I don't love this trade, either. It limits cap space for next year (although there's enough room for Mirotic, probably). The upside is that Exum and Mitchell get more point guard minutes and Hardaway shares some of the scoring load. They could also re-sign Favors and get the 8.9m MLE.

Mike Conley

Favors + Exum + 1st

Rubio + Exum + Thabo + 1st

Conley is awesome, but I think he'd be too costly and his contract and age are scary. The Jazz would operate over the cap and need to spend their 8.9m MLE on a backup point guard. All that said, healthy Conley is probably better than anyone else on this list. Signing Conley also limits cap room for depth.


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