Why Gobert Deserves All Star Status Over Mitchell

When you hear the name, "Utah Jazz", who are the first NBA players you think of? (pause) Probably Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, or Joe Ingles. Now take a sec and think about who effects the team most.

With the Jazz being a smaller market team, its harder to gain votes for the team's stars. Players don't get as much recognition from the rest of the NBA fans, which makes the chances of our guys making the all star voting list that much slimmer.

Mitchell, a deserving candidate nonetheless, doesn't quite do it for me. Rookie year, Donovan was a fantastic stand-out player (should've won ROTY), but hasn't continued the same energy throughout the season. He had a rough start, and up until a couple weeks ago wasn't exercising the same intensity he used last year to take things over. If he could put up more assists or more rebounds, then that would be a different story. Mitchell just doesn't run the floor enough for all-stardom... yet.

Gobert on the other hand, is dominant. The reigning DPOY is putting up just as decent numbers but offers so much more all around. He may not be a scoring oriented player, but he puts a lot of pressure on anyone attempting to score inside. Being one of the tallest on the floor, nobody wants to put a shot up with a 7' 1" tower who has an almost 8' wingspan. And on the other hand, nobody wants to defend a 7' 1" tower who's going up to dunk the ball over you like a pile driver. Not to mention Gobert is back from injury, and playing to compete. If anyone from Utah should be competing in the all star game, it should be the centerpiece of the team.

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