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Dante Exum expected to miss 2 weeks due to ankle injury

Tony Jones of the Athletic is reporting that Exum Island will be temporarily closed for two weeks due to renovations.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

When Dante Exum turned his ankle on Derrick Favors’ foot it looked ugly, but then he was able to put a little weight on it and leave the court on his own strength. The hope would be maybe the injury looked worse than it really was. The good news is ... it was. The up and coming Utah point guard will only have to miss a couple weeks according to Tony Jones of the Athletic.

We don’t know whether that’s two weeks from the injury or two weeks from today, but it will depend on Utah’s medical staff which has done a brilliant job with Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert, and the aforementioned Dante Exum last year. Looking at Utah’s upcoming schedule that would put Dante out of the mix for games against:

Mon. January 7th - @ Milwaukee Bucks

Wed. January 9th - vs Orlando Magic

Fri. January 11th - vs Los Angeles Lakers

Sat. January 12th - vs Chicago Bulls

Mon. January 14th - vs Detroit Pistons

Wed. January 16th - @ Los Angeles Clippers

Fri. January 18th - vs Cleveland Cavaliers

He would then be ready to return against the Portland Trail Blazers on the 21st or the Denver Nuggets on the 23rd. Sad to see him miss games, but if Exum only misses 7 games, he’s still on pace to play ~70 games. He’s right in the mix for the normal amount of games played by most NBA players. While Exum has battle major injuries in the past, this one is a normal one most NBA players suffer every once in a while. Nothing to worry about.

Even better, Dante Exum has the confidence of his coach.

Good news for the Utah Jazz as they can expect their athletic phenom back by about the 21st provided there are no setbacks.