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Donovan Mitchell’s D.O.N. Issue #1’s are going to a galaxy far, far away

Spida-Man is going far, far away from home and getting the Star Wars treatment.

If you are a part of the Marvel Universe, it’s only a matter of time before you get wrapped into another one of Disney’s properties. Just ask Donovan Mitchell who has been Utah’s friendly neighborhood Spida-Man who has already got the Marvel treatment with his D.O.N. Issue #1 signature shoes. Sneaker News is reporting that Adidas is collaborating with Disney again Star Wars with all their signature shoe lines. If you’re trying to find your inner Skywalker while also embracing your outward web-crawler, then you’re in luck.

From Sneaker News:

Tapping into one of the most noteworthy franchises to grace this galaxy, adidas further fleshes out their Star Wars collaborations with a new line of Hoops silhouettes fully drawing inspiration from the weapons of Sith and Jedi alike as well as a slew of bad guys and heroes. An homage with every colorway, each is set to start the month of November with a bang as notables like the Dame 5, Harden Vol. 4, Don Issue, Crazy 1, D Rose 10, and Pro Next take on schemes just in time for the latest episode’s debut.

Check out these beautiful D.O.N. Issue #1’s.