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NBA GMs vote Utah Jazz’s signings of Bogdanovic, Conley as most underrated

NBA GMs see Utah as a Top 4 team in the West while snubbing Gobert for best center in NBA.

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The NBA’s General Managers around the league all see Utah as a top four team in the West this upcoming season. While many are skewed as to whether that means the second best team to the fourth best team, many see Utah as a force in the West. Unfortunately no GMs see the Jazz as a threat for the 1st spot in the West.

Utah’s acquisitions of Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic were rated as the first and second most underrated acquisitions of the offseason with Malcolm Brogdon and Jerami Grant as tied for third. Mike Conley took 36% of the vote with Bojan taking 14%

NBA GMs still see Rudy Gobert as a defensive force, but don’t list him as the best defender in the NBA anymore. Kawhi Leonard gets that honor. As much as I hate not seeing Gobert listed as number 1, Kawhi’s defensive chops pushed the Raptors to their first championship. BUT Gobert is still voted as the best interior defender in the NBA with 93% of the vote.

Of suspect questioning is Giannis getting votes over Rudy Gobert as the best center in the NBA. Rudy Gobert didn’t receive one vote while Nikola Jokic took top honors with Joel Embiid, Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony-Towns, and even Giannis Antetokounmpo getting votes instead of the Stifle Tower. At least we know the French Rejection will have some bulletin board material to work with this season.

Most Jazz fans will remember Nikola Mirotic jetting off to Euroleague instead of signing a deal with Utah. That move was listed as the third most surprising thing to happen in the offseason. Mirotic is now considered the best NBA prospect not playing in the NBA currently.

Quin Snyder got some recognition for being one of the best coaches in the NBA. He received a few votes. He also was listed as third best coach in the NBA at making in game adjustments at 14%. He was behind Rick Carlisle and Brad Stevens. Snyder took 7% of the vote when being referenced for running the best offense in the NBA and took 28% (first) of the vote for running the best defensive schemes—this poll was definitely taken before preseason.

In assistant coach poaching watch, Alex Jensen took 7% of the vote when the question Who is the best assistant coach in the NBA?” was asked.

One interesting note is current Utah Jazzman Mike Conley was listed as the most likely to make a good head coach someday with 26% of the vote.

Jazz were listed as having the second best homecourt with Denver being named first. (Jazz never lost vs Denver at home and took one in Denver last year so ... sure.)

One question’s top vote getter is definitely something I can get behind. When GMs were asked what’s the biggest rule change the NBA needs to make, the answer was simple, “Playoff seeding (1-16).”

That’s something we can all agree with.