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Mike Conley is a superstar tailor-made for the Utah Jazz

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Mike Conley is here to break the point guard curse that has plagued Utah since the sudden trade of Deron Williams.

Taylor Griffith, SLC Dunk

In 2011, the Utah Jazz traded Deron Williams. We are not here to discuss the why’s about it. We have rehashed that to the death. Since Deron was traded there has been a curse on the point guard position, like the curse that was put on the Defense Against the Dark Arts position by Voldermort. Utah has had okay point guards like Devin Harris and Ricky Rubio. Utah has had forgettable point guards like Trey Burke, Sheldon Mack, and John Lucas III.

John Lucas III even started some games for the Jazz. Remember this?

Jazz fans loved Ricky Rubio. He is much like Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin was a beloved character, a serviceable professor. He missed quite a bit of time much like Ricky Rubio missed quite of bit of shots. Hogwarts loved Lupin. Jazz fans love Ricky Rubio but neither of them are the chosen one to break the curse.

So where are we now?

Mike Conley.

The Jazz made a HUGE move this summer by trading for Mike Conley Jr. By saying goodbye to Rubio and trading for Conley, Utah has shown that they are going all in. Rudy is in his prime, and Donovan Mitchell is developing into a superstar. The time to act is now. Unlike the Stockton to Malone days when a team can patiently wait 10 years and still have a their stars, when the championship window is open you have to act now.

Conley is the superstar that the Jazz need. Yes, superstar. Utah has never been a flashy team; their play, players, and entire organization are typically firm and steadfast. It is not in Utah’s DNA to make trades to make a splash. The Jazz have never had players that have been media darlings mega-superstars like Michael Jordan, LeBron or Kobe. Karl Malone loved attention, he was a Superstar, an all-star but he was not on their level of stardom despite being one of the best players in NBA history.

Donovan Mitchell is the closest thing Utah has to that kind of star because of how much attention non-Jazz fans and media give him, how much marketing he has had. He is amazingly marketable. Now enter the Jazz’s newest superstar, Mike Conley. He has Jazz DNA and bleeds purple through and through.

A quiet star, a player that doesn’t receive the attention that he deserves. Doesn’t that sound like John Stockton, Deron Williams, or Rudy Gobert? All those players fit but no we are talking about Mike Conley.

Conley has seen success at every level he has played at since high school. In Indiana, Conley led his high school team to 3 consecutive state championships. Success followed him in his one year in college. Conley along with Greg Ogden took the Ohio State Buckeyes to the championship game where they just came up short.

In 2007, the Memphis Grizzlies took Mike with the 4th pick. Conley led the Grizzlies to the playoffs six times in twelve years, including five years straight and six-of-seven years. Despite his success in helping change the culture of Memphis from an underachiever to a consistent winner, Conley was never been selected to the All-Star team. The Grizzlies had only been to the playoffs three prior times in its history. Conley is a franchise player who helped the Grizzlies become known as Grit and Grind. He helped the Grizzlies become winners.

Last year Mike enjoyed one of his best seasons of his career despite having no support. Mike’s decision making and shooting will open things up for the Jazz that Jazz fans have yet to see in a Quin Snyder offense.

Mike has not been considered a superstar because of the market that he played in and his quiet personality. He will be a superstar for the Jazz. He will get the numbers. He will get the wins. He will help the Jazz to a top three seed in the Western Conference. Conley will finally get his due.

If you have followed Mike on Instagram and Twitter since the trade, you’ll have seen how perfectly he will not only fit with the Jazz on the court but off the court as well. Mike has pics of his family and trips to Disneyland, how Utah Jazz is that?!

This summer Mike Conley won the teammate of the year award as well as the sportsmanship award. Mike is a quality player and a quality person.

Jazz fans should be excited. Mike Conley is the player that can break Utah’s curse on the point guard position, once and for all. Utah has their All Star caliber point guard at last!