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Jazz Rank: 7th is Jeff Green

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The journeyman is valued by Jazz fans

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Jeff Green was another surprise signing by the Utah Jazz this summer. For the 4th season in a row, the veteran is starting the year on a new team. He bought good will quickly with his new fanbase, citing winning a championship as his number 1 goal here. I’m sure he had other offers and opportunities, but he chose to come to Utah because he knows this team wants to win.

He’s had an up and down career since being the 5th overall pick back in 2007. And his play tends to go up and down game to game as well. He’s a freak athlete, which means he’ll look like the best player on the court in some moments. In other moments he might leave you wondering if he really belongs on the court at all.

Ultimately, he’s a good role player that expects to get a lot of burn for a winning basketball team in the Jazz. And he’s on a veteran minimum contract to boot.

Green’s athleticism even at 33 years old is probably the first thing you’ll notice about him. This guy can JUMP! I’m already excited for the highlight plays he’ll bring during the season. He’s also a respectable 3 point shooter, particularly when he’s on winning basketball teams. If he gets Jae Crowder’s 3 point attempts from a season ago, that’s a win for the Jazz. His game has transitioned well into being a typical 4 in the modern NBA after playing most of his career at small forward.

I can’t argue with the ranking here, as his early minutes indicate that he’ll play a ton off the bench this season. I think we’ll all look back at this being an underrated addition by season’s end, especially for a minimum deal.

Jeff Green was a near unanimous vote last round. I anticipate this one being much closer!


Who is the 6th most valuable player on the Utah Jazz roster?

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    Bojan Bogdanovic
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    Mike Conley
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    Rudy Gobert
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    Joe Ingles
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    Donovan Mitchell
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    Royce O’Neale
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