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Dante Exum expected to miss at least two more weeks due to bone bruise

*flips table*

NBA: Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

[insert curse words here]

According to Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune, Dante Exum is expected to miss at least two more weeks due to a bone bruise caused by the ankle sprain from January. He had apparently sprained the ankle so badly that it caused the bone to bruise.

Obviously, this news sucks. If there is a silver lining it is that this is not a new injury—in case the conspiracy theorists wanted to say that the Rudy Gobert All-Star Break Party Boat was the cause of it.

It appears that even Utah felt that they were closer to Exum’s return until the discovery of a bone bruise. Though it keeps Exum out for longer, this does mean that when he does return he has a higher chance of staying on the court and a lower chance of re-injury.

This does, however, mean that Utah’s bench is going to be pushed to its limits further as they have been struggling to find a playmaker off the bench who can get to the rim like Dante can. Raul Neto has been good in his return, but he is at a mismatch against larger (almost everyone in the league) guards. Here’s hoping Dante has a speedy recovery.