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Otto Porter—another dream target of the Utah Jazz—traded to Chicago

Less than 24 hours after Utah’s prized free agent target was traded to Philadelphia, Otto Porter is traded to Chicago.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz who are focused on Mike Conley are watching stretch bigs that they’ve been linked to previously get snatched up by other teams. Last night it was Tobias Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers, tonight it’s Otto Porter to the Chicago Bulls. Shams Charania has the scoop:

In addition to those players, the Chicago Bulls sent a 2nd rounder over to the Wizards. If you’re saying to yourself, “I thought he was off limits.” He was ... until an achilles injury to John Wall suddenly sparked some urgency with the Washington Wizards. If you’re thinking, “The Utah Jazz could have done better!” You’re also probably right. It doesn’t appear that Washington was interested in good players as it was players that wouldn’t help it win and could lead the tank.

Meanwhile, Jabari Parker could be headed to the buyout market. Get ready for the Jazz being linked to Jabari rumor mill to get new life for a few days. Especially if Utah moves Derrick Favors and is a bit shallow at power forward.

Meanwhile ... Utah continues their pursuit of Mike Conley.