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2019 NBA Trade Deadline: SLC Dunk Reactions to no Mike Conley trade

*sigh* Well ... here we still are.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Cummings: YO



Honestly I’m surprised there haven’t been any Kevin Love rumblings...

Mychal Lowman: Trade deadline craziness time.

The Memphis Grizzlies are emptying the clip. My goodness.

You’d think that it’s now down to the wire with Utah and Memphis getting this deal done.

Jordan Cummings: If they keep Conley at this point, it’s laughable, honestly.

Daniel West: They’ll trade him to LA for President Trump’s Hollywood star and a can of tuna. Heard it here first.

Tavan Parker: I don’t feel like they have a choice but to move Conley at this point. And the Jazz appear to be the only remaining team interested. DL just gained a lot of leverage after those trades imo

Mychal Lowman: Holy crap, the price just cratered for Memphis.

Any leverage they had is gone with what they’re getting.

Jordan Cummings: Memphis just picked up two quality NBA guards in Bradley and Delon Wright

Wright should be REALLY good for them

Mychal Lowman: A couple sleeping giants that we haven’t heard from are Orlando and New Orleans. New Orleans did make the trade with Niko, but it didn’t seem too outlandish. They got good value for Niko.

Daniel West: LAC going all-in for 2019 FA market I guess.

Kaleb Searle: Wake me up when C.J. Miles gets flipped back to Utah.

Jordan Cummings: Orlando has 7 big men on their roster. SEVEN.

They’re not trading Bamba or Isaac. Vucevic has been incredible for them. They need to pick a direction.

Mychal Lowman: It’s a done deal.

Daniel West: The Magic? A direction? Lol

Jordan Cummings: YOU’RE RIGHT, DANIEL

Mychal Lowman: Now Memphis turns their attention to Mike.

I’m ready to watch the Lakers settle HARD for Vucevic.

Can we just talk about how New Orleans pulled the greatest heel turn of all time with the Lakers trade negotiations?

They Pretty Woman’d the HELL out of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kaleb Searle: New Orleans is my hero. Their Twitter game has been A+ too.

Jordan Cummings: If Orlando traded Vuc, would they go full rebuild?

Jason Walker: The only thing I care about with Orlando is if Aaron Gordon is available or not.

Jordan Cummings: Aaron Gordon at the 4 next to Rudy Gobert is the stuff dreams are made of

Tavan Parker: Orlando might be wise to capitalize on Gordon’s value right now, but they probably won’t.

Kaleb Searle: We’re standing pat. Betcha. Ricky is being way too playful on twitter right now. He knows something.

Jordan Cummings: I will be so annoyed if we do.

Mychal Lowman: Rubio is totally trolling. I love it.

Daniel West: I’m with Kaleb on this one.

Tavan Parker: Yeah I love that Rubio is doing that. But it’s kind of heartbreaking as well. Is this just a coping method because he really doesn’t want to get traded?

Jason Walker: If the Jazz come away from this deadline with nothing, they will have gotten worse due to lost chemistry/confidence. It’d be hard to go back and pretend these rumors and talks never happened.

Tavan Parker: Holy crap. Blazers are potentially being sold!?!? Not to derail the trade deadline talks but that is crazy

Kaleb Searle: Favors can hold a seminar. He’s done it 5 years running.

Mychal Lowman: WAIT WUT

Jordan Cummings: They will have gotten worse because everyone in the West got better except Memphis

Mychal Lowman:

Jordan Cummings: HOLD UP WHAT NOW



Daniel West: Uhhhh.

Mychal Lowman: I love the Trade Deadline. I know it’s incredibly hectic for players, but man it’s a lot of fun.

Tavan Parker: That means Dame is available right? RIGHT? please....

Jason Walker: At what point is there not enough time to complete a trade?

Jordan Cummings: If Dame becomes available....

Mychal Lowman: Hahaha.

Jordan Cummings: Oh myyyyyy

They wouldn’t, though. He’s a huge factor in the team’s value. They trade Dame, they instantly become worth less $$$$

Tavan Parker: Gortat just got waived. Jazz fans panicking about backup C minutes if Favs is moved may or may not find that interesting.

Mychal Lowman: Something to keep in mind, yesterday Washington said that Bradley Beal was off limits. So I fully expect him to be traded to Saskatchewan for two expirings, a terrible draft pick, and a sled dog team.

Jordan Cummings: LOL

Mychal Lowman: Anthony Davis still a Pelican, too. Looks like New Orleans is going to keep him. My goodness is that going to be EXTREMELY awkward.

Kaleb Searle: He also said he wants to play “every game” while the Pellies have been holding him out. That could get MESSY

Jason Walker: I never really expected the Pelicans to move AD at the deadline. No real incentive since LA has no real assets.

Jordan Cummings: Washington resets their books and only has Wall with big $

Mychal Lowman: The only thing that I could have imagined was a team out of nowhere like Portland or Toronto threw the house at them with already good players.

It reminds me of when Carlos Boozer said he wanted out and was going to test free agency WHEN HE WAS SIDELINED during a National game.

Jason Walker: Portland should have thrown CJ at them (or maybe the did?)

Mychal Lowman: He ended up not being moved. Then opting into his contract because of injury worries.

Jordan Cummings: CJ and Beal swap is mostly a lateral move for both sides

Mychal Lowman: That was some friction then you had surly D-Will, Sloan on his final days, Millsap rising. That team was good but the chemistry was cratered.

New Orleans does not have that type of talent. It’s going to be awkward. If I was Davis, I’d just sit out and not get hurt.

Kaleb Searle:


Tavan Parker: Can the Pelicans hold him out of the ASG and Rudy be named replacement?

Jordan Cummings: Beal and McCollum have basically been the same player throughout their careers so far.


Jordan Cummings: Muscala was such a good target...

Mychal Lowman: Now WE POPPIN

Tavan Parker: Are the Clippers going to forfeit their next game? Because they might not have anyone available to play after all these moves and cuts

Mychal Lowman: The Kings are finally getting their act together. They have a plan. They might actually have a plan.

Skal Labissiere, a Javale McGee for a new generation.

New Orleans, you the real mvp

Tavan Parker:

So random haha trade deadline is weird

Sam Goodrich: Ive got a take to drop, it’s kind of random. But I’ve got an explanation/theory for why the Jazz passed on previous trade options such as Porter, Mirotic, Morris, etc. We’re in this for a third star. Minor adjustments like Mirotic aren’t worth the chemistry we’d sacrifice to get him for half a season. Lowry also isn’t enough of an upgrade to be worth it. The Jazz are going hard for a third star. Not a “maybe they’d be a star in our system”. A real star. Conley is one of those and has shown as much this season. He’s the only one we know is on the market aside from AD, and thus my theory is that Conley is literally the only trade the Jazz are interested in.

Kaleb Searle: Shelvin Mack back to the Hawks is hilarious

Jordan Cummings: The age and injury concerns are pretty big hurdles though.

I do like that theory, and you’re probably right. But that’s a hell of a gamble on Conley

Jason Walker: I’m getting a sinking feeling that Memphis is going to make every other trade EXCEPT the obvious one of trading Conley. What are they at now? Three trades?

Mychal Lowman: It’s over, y’all.

Tavan Parker: Woj just dropped the bomb that Memphis is keeping Conley...

Mychal Lowman: What does Utah do now? Trade deadline is almost over. Memphis pulls the rug right at the last second just like with Tyreke.

Jason Walker: [fliptable.gif]

Kaleb Searle: Well that was anticlimactic.

Tavan Parker: We just got Gordon Haywarded. Again.

Jordan Cummings: I’m so freaking annoyed

Utah sat on their hands and struck out at the trade deadline

And they’re going to strike out in free agency

Here we come, 8th seed

Tavan Parker: I’m with Jazzy on this one. Conley was the only gettable player that would have moved the needle enough. Unfortunately Memphis is run by morons

Jason Walker: Relying on indecisive franchises can be hazardous to your own franchise.

Kaleb Searle: Yeah I’m not that upset about missing on everyone else. Conley raised the ceiling, everyone else would’ve been deck chairs on the titanic. See ya at the draft.

Jason Walker: So in other news, Orlando’s getting Markelle Fultz

Jordan Cummings: Utah was too focused on ONE answer. There were other options available if Utah was willing to play ball.

I’m not buying that NOBODY else would move the needle enough. And free agency is gonna be a bust unless Dennis Lindsey can convince Khris Middleton, Kemba Walker, or Tobias Harris to sign with Utah

Tavan Parker: Porter went at a shockingly low price. I’ll trust DL’s process. That being said, my excitement about the rest of the season just went down a bit

Jordan Cummings: Porter went for basically a salary dump and a young expiring prospect

Milos available

Kaleb Searle: Serious question: is he better than Raul Neto?

Jordan Cummings: Better passer, better on offense. Worse defender.

It’s close.

Mychal Lowman: Let’s see if anything fun happens.

Andrew Bailey: What a day! Thanks, Grizzlies!

Mychal Lowman: This is why you only work with competent people. Unfortunately, competent people don’t waste good talent.

Well folks, what’s your closing thoughts on this deadline?

Kaleb Searle: **fart noises**

Andrew Bailey: Utah won’t sign a difference-maker this summer.

Jordan Cummings: Now Jazz get to strike out twice in one year

Trade deadline AND free agency

Sam Goodrich: Screw Memphis :face_with_rolling_eyes:

James Hansen: Offer for Tobias on day one of free agency!

Jordan Cummings: Look at how much of a difference the Crowder trade made last year. Is Crowder a better player than Favors? Probably not. But the indirect value of that trade was massive. Same with the Korver trade this year. Burks is better in a vacuum, but Korver fills a NEED for the team.

Porter, Mirotic, etc would have filled massive needs for this Jazz team. Utah missed out on a lot of chances to get better.

Throw all the money at Tobias Harris and Khris Middleton at 12:01 AM when free agency starts.

Daniel West: Bust. We needed an improvement at guard, and now we aren’t going to get it. Even beyond positions, though, we need a third star to make the WCF. Rudy won’t be this dominant forever. Window is smaller than we think.

Sam Goodrich: The Jazz desperately need a third star. This year is a wash, and next year will be another one if we don’t get that third star.

Jason Walker: Utah tried so I don’t necessarily blame them, but you don’t get credit for trying in the NBA. This trade deadline is a failure that may ultimately lead to more failure in free agency.

Tavan Parker: Jazz didn’t improve but few in the West did. They have a ceiling that is immovable until changes are made. They’ll have a ton of money to spend if they’d like, but I’m not at all confident it will result in anything. Pretty much the biggest meh ever

Diana: Can’t blame Dennis Lindsey for not trying. It sounds like he was very aggressive. I just am a little sad that we know this team’s ceiling is 2nd round of the playoffs. We don’t even know if we will make it that far this season. A difference maker would have been nice. Seems like we are always looking to next season.

Mychal Lowman: The good news with this season is you can tell that the Utah Jazz front office knows the urgency of putting another piece next to Donovan and Rudy Gobert right now. They also realize the limitations of this roster.

The bad news is, the players they needed to target either weren’t available, weren’t made available to them, or withheld right at the buzzer. Jazz got hosed by Memphis getting cold feet at the alter. Now Utah has a VERY tough offseason. They either have to play the trade game at the Draft--something Dennis Lindsey has been adept at--OR they have to take an incredibly big risk and try to pull a big name free agency like Khris Middleton, Tobias Harris, from a competing roster. Either way … it’s going to be an uphill battle. Good luck, Dennis Lindsey, you’re going to need it.