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Utah Jazz come away with easy victory over the New York Knicks

5 in a row for the Jazz!

NBA: Utah Jazz at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

With his family watching Donovan Mitchell put on a show on his second trip to Madison Square Garden scoring 30 points in 28 minutes.

But it wasn’t just Mitchell who helped the Jazz dismantle the New York Knicks, but everyone on the team. The Jazz shot 47% from three for the game and 56% overall. Mitchell also played the most minutes of anyone with 28. It’s a perfect scenario for Utah as they roll into Atlanta to face the Hawks tomorrow. That shooting probably comes from a Knicks team obviously in the race for Zion, but credit to Utah for hitting shots.

Rudy Gobert was dominant again. It’s clear that there are teams out there looking for their version of Gobert. A few nights ago it was Jarrett Allen of the Nets and tonight it was Deandre Jordan. And even though these players are putting together impressive seasons in their own right, when they go up against the original DPOY in Rudy Gobert, it’s jarring how dominant Gobert really is.

From start to finish Gobert dominated the Knicks frontcourt holding Jordan to 6 points and 2 rebounds. It was a complete drubbing. And while Mitchell puts up the incredible highlights and scoring on the offensive end that puts the Jazz over the top, Gobert is the one that gives the Jazz that chance to win every single night.

Watching the game, it was clear that one player deserves a little more credit than he usually does. Jae Crowder shot 5/11 from the field and 3/8 from three. Crowder doesn’t always put up gaudy numbers, but he is as important a contributor on this team as anyone outside of the Jazz top 3-4 players. The fact that Utah can alternate Gobert and Favors on the floor throughout the game and have elite level center play for 48 minutes is solely because of Crowder. His ability to stay healthy while taking on the grind of guarding every type of 4 in the league is impressive. Would you like to see his 3pt percentage go up? Sure, but the versatility he gives Quin Snyder, coupled with his durability, must be such a nice thing when coming up with gameplans.

There’s not a lot else to say except it’s nice to see the Jazz are putting the easy teams away quickly. The road to the playoffs is going to be relatively easy and the Jazz will be ready.