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Jazz complete road trip with blowout win in Chicago

Utah gets back to destroying sub .500 teams

NBA: Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There are some games that are over right from the opening tip, and the Jazz-Bulls game tonight was exactly that. The Bulls got up 2-0, but little did they know it would be the last time they held the lead in their hands for the evening. The Jazz would build an eight point lead in the next six minutes, and the rest was history. Looking at the lead tracker tonight from, it’s makes you giggle a little bit.

The Jazz dropped 33 and 35 in the first and second quarters, behind some incredible efficiency and quite frankly some terrible defense from the Bulls. The Jazz were able to do just about what every they wanted to the entire game, which opened things up for one of the coolest sequences we’ve seen yet this season.

This Gobert swat into a Spida slam is the greatest possible sequence that Jazz fans could ever imagine. It’s two of the most powerful, beautiful, and exciting things in life bottled up into one single play sequence. I felt something inside me while watching this play. Rudy and Donovan mean everything to the Jazz.

It was a short night for the Jazz starters, as none of them played more than 27 minutes, obviously due to the huge lead. They played a very balanced, team-oriented scoring game tonight, with Rudy Gobert leading the way with 21, followed by Donovan’s 16, 13 a piece for Favors and Ingles, Rubio’s 12, Crowder’s 11, and Raul Neto’s 10. Every active player on the Jazz roster scored in tonight’s game, which is always fun to see.

Rudy Gobert tallied his 58th double-double, which is a career high for the reigning DPOY. He trails Andre Drummond for most in the league, by just one.

The Jazz remain in their final playoff push, fighting for playoff position and trying to remain stride going into the post-season. They will host the Phoenix Suns on Monday in Salt Lake City, hoping to get another W.