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Joe Ingles brings awareness to autism with custom designed sneakers

Joe Ingles, Ekpe Udoh, and Ricky Rubio collaborate with Kickstradomis for Autism Awareness

Joe Ingles Kyrie 4’s highlighting 4ASD Kids charity and his son Jacob who was recently diagnosed with Autism.
Via Kickstradomus Twitter

When Joe and Renae Ingles learned that their son Jacob had been diagnosed with autism, they decided to become allies for the cause. Back in February, Joe Ingles penned a heartfelt article about the process his family went through as they ultimately learned that Jacob was on the spectrum. Part of the reason they shared this intimate knowledge of their family with the public was to spread autism awareness and help those who are going—or will at some time go—through the process.

Through early intervention, we have already seen such a big change in Jacob, and there are endless amounts of support now for kids, families and people on the spectrum. Awareness is so important, so we are spreading the word.

- Joe Ingles

According to a tweet by Kickstradomis, a lot of the Utah Jazz team is helping Joe Ingles “spread the word” with one of the most recognizable forms of expression on the court: sneakers.

Ekpe Udoh and Joe Ingles will be rocking these custom Kyrie 4’s with Jacob’s name written out with puzzle pieces in the midsole. It has the 4ASD Kids on the side which, according to their website, is for the “not-for-profit charity founded by dual international rugby star Mat Rogers & media identity wife Chloe Maxwell to support children with autism.” (Nike, if you’re reading this, if you make these shoes and give proceeds to Autism Awareness charities, 14/10 would buy.)

Ricky Rubio will be joining in as well.

Ricky Rubio’s feature the puzzle pieces as well. (Once again, Adidas, if you’re reading this, make these and give the proceeds to Autism Awareness, 14/10 would buy.)

Kickstradomis says that this picture is showing pair 2 out of 5. There could be three more out there. I would wager to guess we’ll see a Donovan custom, a Favors custom, and a Thabo custom (Nike Air Max’s?).

Kickstradomis has shared the last three :

Rudy Gobert’s shoes. Beautiful blue to represent Autism with one shoe and the city jersey colors in the other.

Donovan Mitchell wanted to be a part of the cause also:

The 5th pair of the Autism Awareness shoes:

Joe Ingles is definitely spreading the good word about Autism Awareness, and he’s going to look fresh doing so.

If you are at the game tonight please consider participating in the auction.