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Donovan Mitchell’s Bridge Dedication

Donovan Mitchell has a bridge dedicated to him at Gateway Mall along with a beautiful mural.

NBA Twitter

Billboard-schmealboard! Today Donovan Mitchell had a bridge dedicated to him. Donovan has shown appreciation and love to Utah and Jazz fans in the two years he has been on the team. He has shown love to a fanbase and state that rarely receive such love. Today that love was reciprocated with a bridge dedication and a mural.

The mural was painted by The Graffiti Guys. The ceremony was conducted by the president of Vestar, David J. Larcher.

Thanks to Eric of the Tribune for posting this video of Donovan:

Jody Genessey of the Deseret News was also at the unveiling and captured this photo of the new crosswalk:

My favorite line from today’s dedication:

Donovan was of course all about the fans:

Lastly the NBA covered it!

We are so lucky to have Donovan Mitchell. He deserves all our cheers for years to come and all our bridges!