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Where will the Utah Jazz finish in the Western Conference?

The Utah Jazz are in their final homestretch before the NBA Playoffs. Really anywhere between 3-7 is still in play!

NBA: Washington Wizards at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago on Twitter I asked this question:

It feels like most of feel like the Jazz will finish 4th or 5th. Since the poll, not much as changed. The Jazz are in 5th still and it looks like that’s where they are favored to finish.

From the site Playoff Status (H/T Amar)

Really anywhere between 3-8 is still in play for the Jazz but 5th is the most likely landing spot.

Basketball reference also has the Jazz most likely finishing in 5th.

Where do you think the Jazz will finish?

Logically I chose 5. In my heart I would love for the Jazz to finish as the 3rd seed. That is becoming less likely though. With how the standings are now, how nice would it be to play the Clippers in the first round and the Nuggets in the 2nd.

The standings are going to be changing every night, multiple times a night. If the Jazz do finish 5th, we can hope that Portland finishes 4th and Denver somehow gets to the top seed. With our luck Houston will drop to 4th, and Golden State will finish 1st.

The last two years the Jazz faced the two teams I least wanted to the face in the first round. In 2017 they faced the Los Angles Clippers after going 1-3 against them in the regular season. In 2018 they faced the OKC Thunder after going again 1-3 against them in the regular season. The Jazz as we know beat both the those teams and advanced to the 2nd round.

That should teach me that we can’t really say who we want or how the Jazz will do against a certain team just based off a the regular season results.

According to Jody of the Deseret News. The Jazz did not have a goal of making the playoffs this year, to the Jazz making the playoffs is just part of the job.

Quin Snyder on seeding:

“There’s a lot of factors that go into that,” Snyder said. “And every time you try to figure something out, who you’re going to play, where you’re going to finish, who you match up with well, who you don’t, that’s for you guys to think about. I’ll think about it when the time comes. “Right now,” he added, “my focus — our team’s focus — is on being as good as we can be when it comes time to play in the playoffs.”

The Jazz players all seem excited about the playoffs as they all posted pics on IG and twitter about clinching a spot:

This week the Jazz will face off against:

The Jazz can realistically go 4-0. I will predict they go 3-1 with an unexpected loss against the Suns or the Lakers. It’s hard to beat a team multiple times in such a short period of time between games.

What are your predictions for this week? Who do you see the Jazz playing in the playoffs? What is your ideal seeding?