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Kings Fans for a Day

Our Kings take on the Portland Trail Blazers tonight! Can we reach 40 wins on the season?

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s let our ever hardworking editor Mychal make an announcement. Its super important so please read very carefully.

That’s right, we are all Kings fans today. The Sacramento Kings have been good to the Utah Jazz and their fans and they deserve our utmost respect tonight. Who can forget what they did for John Stockton and Karl Malone’s last game. If you have no other reason to be a Kings fan for a day. Do it because they did this for us!

Tonight our Sacramento Kings take on our Northwest division rivals, the Portland Trail Blazers. It’s the 82nd game for each team. It’s a game with great playoff implications, but as Kings fans all we really care about is that our team ends the season on a high note. The Kings have had an amazing season, what a turn around we have made! Last year we won 27 games. Tonight if we win we can get 40 wins! 40! Who would have ever guessed that our team could get to 40 wins. Let’s do it, do it for us the fans, please Kings, get to 40 wins!

Playing the Portland Trail Blazers is never an easy task. We have faced the Trail Blazers two other times this season. We lost to them on New Years Day when they had to come back in OT to beat us. We then went on to beat them two weeks later 115-107. It was a balanced attack with six Kings in double figures. Dame had 35 in the losing effort.

Speaking of Damian Lillard. He is managing his load tonight. CJ McCollum is also taking tonight off to manage his load.

We know that any team can lose to any team on any night. Remember just a few nights ago when the Utah Jazz lost to the G-league Lakers? Remember a few years ago when Gordon Hayward and the Jazz lost to the D-league Clippers? So even without Dame and CJ, this is not a gimme game for us by any means. You can do it, Kings. We have faith in you. Reach 40 wins! WE haven’t reached 40 wins since the 2005-2006 season! That is 13 seasons ago, please do it for us fans, get that win tonight.