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A New D.O.N.: Donovan Mitchell to wear signature shoes in Playoffs

The D.O.N. of a new age. The D.O.N. Issue #1 will make his long awaited debut.

It’s time.

Donovan Mitchell will finally don his new signature shoes, the D.O.N. Issue #1 according to Eric Woodyard of the Deseret News. We’ve seen teasers of three different prototypes that he could wear.

No word yet on which colorway he will bust out—my guess would be the classic Spider-Man ones since cough, cough Avengers Endgame cough, cough. The Utah Jazz will face off against the Houston Rockets on Sunday at 7:30PM, a week and a half before Avengers Endgame comes out. Let’s all hope and pray the Jazz are still in the playoffs at that point.