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2019 NBA Playoffs Preview: What can the Utah Jazz do to beat the Houston Rockets?

Here we are again, the Jazz are the 5th seed underdogs

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Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

On this episode of the SLC Punks podcast we were pleased to be joined by Jeremy Brener (@JeremyBrener) of SB Nation’s Dream Shake blog to preview the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz playoff series.

Jeremy shared his thoughts on the Jazz and the Rockets matchup and how the series will go. We know that Jazz fans were disappointed with the matchup but how about Houston? Would they have preferred a different opponent?

We also get Jeremy’s thoughts on thinks will win and what would the Utah Jazz have to do to steal the series? How do the Jazz guard James Harden and how well will Donovan Mitchell do?

After talking with Jeremy, we discuss the series ourselves. What are the advantages Utah has on the Rockets. What else is Utah trying to prove these playoffs? Is this one giant audition for free agents and will a victory in the first round help this offseason?

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