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The most important summer in Utah Jazz history?

You’re the GM, what would you do?

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason has begun for the Utah Jazz. It’s hard when we are weeks from the draft and more than a month until free agency. What is there to talk about? What is going on with our Utah Jazz? SLC Dunk has covered Rudy Gobert making the 3rd All-NBA team which qualifies him for the Supermax! Reading the comments it seems like a fanbase divided on whether we should extend that offer to Rudy. I know among the writers not everyone shares the same opinion either. I think Rudy is a generational player, he his one of the best defensive players in NBA history. Before Rudy replaced Enes Kanter in the starting lineup, we were a lottery team (even with Gordon Hayward leading the way) once Rudy started and became the leader, he completely changed the identity of the team. The Utah Jazz became the best defensive team in the league. They made the playoffs, and even made it to the second round a couple of times. All of this after treading water with no leadership and no identity. Rudy changed all of that. He is the cornerstone of this franchise. He deserves anything and everything. Pay the man.

If you were GM what would you do?

The Jazz have been hosting pre-draft workouts. Its that one time of year when we hear from Walt Perrin.

Here is who worked out for the Jazz today:

Walt Perrin after today’s workout:

“I think because of Zion, who is a generational athlete, player, everybody talks about him, and then with RJ and Ja, those are probably the top-three guys,” Perrin said. “After that, it might be a little drop-off.

“I think totally, in terms of the draft, I think there’s some pretty good players late, but I think it’s more they will have to be developed to become the players that we think they can become,” he continued. “So it’s going to be a developmental draft, more so than it has been in the past.”

Supposedly this had the potential to be a great workout. I don’t follow college ball but Mark does and this is what he said:

Okay, if you were GM what would you do? Keep the pick? Trade it? If you keep the pick who is your target?

Free agency has never been friendly to the Jazz. Their biggest gets have been Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur. They were relatively unknowns who the Jazz took risks on who turned out to be part of the core for one of the funnest Jazz teams ever! Since those signings who have we signed, Joe Johnson? Our own players (which is no small feat considering Hayward’s exit)? This year it could be different, we have Donovan Mitchell and he changes everything!

There have been talk of a few players that the Jazz have interest in, or just players rumored to be linked to the Jazz or Jazz fan pipe dreams.

  • Tobias Harris
  • D’Angelo Russell
  • Malcom Brogdon
  • Kemba Walker
  • Rudy Gay
  • Patrick Beverly
  • Trevor Ariza

Those are just a few! If you are GM what would you do? Who do you sign?

Lastly trades. The Jazz usually have to be smart in the draft and make smart trades since Free Agency doesn’t treat us well all the time. Players linked to trades:

Mike Conley? Who else?

If you are GM what would you do? Do you not risk getting burned in free agency, do you make a draft day trade instead?

This summer could possibly be the biggest summer in Jazz history. We need that third piece now. Rudy wants a championship. Donovan is a superstar. We NEED that third piece and now. You are the GM in this choose your own adventure, what would you do?