Detailed Off-Season Blueprint

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According to my calculations (these are aprox. values) the Jazz have $15m in cap space ($17m minus $2m cap hold for 1st Rd Pick) with the ability to increase their cap space by these amounts by releasing or not picking up options on these players (Royce is staying at $2m)

-Favors +$17m

-Korver +$4m ($3m of his $7m is guaranteed)

-Niang/Neto/Bradley +$2m each

$42m total, $25m if keep just Favors


1st on the agenda is the draft, which is really the trade opportunity. I see 2 possible trades options I like. I'm not sure how realistic these are.

#1- Jru Holiday (3yr/$25m) for Exum + Mult. 1st & 2nd Rd Picks

#2- Mike Conley (2yr/$33m) for Exum + 1st Rd & 2nd Rd Pick

----------Free Agency---------

I don't think any top tier free agents choose us over other destinations and I'm including Klay, Kemba, Middleton. Also I feel like options such as Mirotic, Millsap, Randle won't take a bench role. I also think Favors won't take a bench role. Therefore, I believe these players aren't worth losing favors for. These are potential options I like.

#1 - Tobias Harris (MAX) Keep nobody to leave enough $ to get a serviceable PG and use Exceptions to fill out roster

#2 - Malcolm Brogdon (Up to $25m) Offer enough to outbid other teams and keep MIL from matching, while keeping Favors and use Exceptions to fill out roster

#3 - Most likely scenario. Mix & Match players. In this scenario you keep Favors & possibly others. Most of these players are likely in the $10m-$15m range so you can possibly get 2 of them, maybe even 3 using the MLE ($9m) My first priority would be starting PG. Collison (3 & D) Satoransky (3 & pass) McConnell (underrated, cheaper, decent all around) or Rubio/Teague for less than what they made last year. You would then be looking to add shooting preferably a stretch 4. Ariza (3 & D) Gay (3 & Reb) J. Green (3 & Reb) Aminu (ok 3 & D) M.Williams (decent all around). There are very good wing options as well. Reddick (sniper) D. Green (3 & D) T. Ross (3 & D). Other good players are P. Beverly who is a lockdown defender & B. Lopez who is a stretch center.

#4 - Bojan Bogdanovic. He will probably be more expensive than the mix & match guys so you would sign him, keep Favors, move Ingles to bench, Mitchell to PG, and Royce to starting SG. Using exceptions to fill out the rest of the roster.

-------Final Thoughts--------

I realize alot of people think Favors/Rudy doesn't work. I agree that it's not perfect but a few things to keep in mind are they always play together with Rubio. That's 3 non shooters together. With a shooter instead of Rubio it might work better. As it is now they are still ok together, not bad. Also, as a backup center Favors is awesome and is outstanding insurance for us if Rudy gets injured. He also steps up in the playoffs. If there is a really good stretch 4 I'm all for moving on from Favors. This year Tobias Harris is the only one good enough. Mirotic is a streaky shooter and extremely injury prone. Millsap isn't a good enough 3 point shooter and is getting old. I also am not a big believer of Donovan Mitchell at PG. I think he is statistically better when playing point but the team as a whole is worse with him there. Similar to R. Westbrook to some extent... Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on possible scenarios, free agent targets, any corrections to mistakes I may have made or anything you disagree with. Thanks JazzNation!

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