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2019 NBA Draft: Utah Jazz Trade Rumor and Free Agent Tracker

Will the Utah Jazz land Mike Conley this time or will they wait for D’Angelo Russell?

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 NBA Draft is approaching with NBA Free Agency only a week after it. The rumor mill is winding up, so it is time to bring back the Utah Jazz Trade Rumor Tracker. This time, however, we have added a free agent tracker to it.

You will notice that some rumors from the trade deadline have been added to this iteration as they are pertinent to current rumors cough, cough Mike Conley cough, cough.

This article will continually be updated through the 2019 NBA Draft and 2019 NBA Free Agency. The most recent rumors will be near the top as the oldest will be near the bottom.

Just a quick refresher about how we rate these rumors:

  • Splash Uncle - This is basically easy money. Once the rumor is out there, you know it’s credible, and it’s going in. These are the rumors that have legs and feel like they’re going to close imminently. For example: “Wojnarowski reports that the Utah Jazz are close to trading for Kyle Korver.” That’s a Splash Uncle Rating.
  • CROWDER - This type of rumor is hit or miss. It sounds like it could be plausible, but the rumor source is one that doesn’t have a strong track record, or it’s VERY early in the trade process. For example: “The Charlotte Hornets are rumored to be after Kevin Love ... another team that could jump into the mix is the Utah Jazz.” Utah is the main source and this one is more speculation than insider info.
  • Rubio - These ones are left open for a reason. These ones are better in theory than in practice. These are the ones that are national writers or insiders making guesses as to whom could be a good fit, or coming up with a fake trade, but there isn’t a rumor attached. For example, “If Otto Porter does become available at the deadline, Utah could be a good fit and give the Wizards cap space needed to reset.” This one has no insider info, but is relying on the expertise of the writer/reporter. They’re incredible fun, beautiful, and wholesome, but are left open for a reason. These are the pipe dreams of trade rumors, and usually the most entertaining.
  • Rose - These ones deserve to be released and forgotten. Their shelf life as a rumor should last longer than Derrick Rose’s tenure as a Jazzman. We never talk of them again. For example: “Should the Utah Jazz trade for Carmelo Anthony?” See? Doesn’t that just make you want to hit the delete button?

This article will continually be updated through the 2019 NBA Draft and 2019 NBA Free Agency. The most recent rumors will be near the top as the oldest will be near the bottom.

June 17th, 2019

Utah is going to very aggressive in the offseason and look very different on July 7th

Zach Lowe of ESPN:

Utah, ditto, I think Utah is going to be very very starting, like, now to upgrade its team through trades or cap space or both, I think that is very obvious.


I will be shocked if Utah on July 7th, when the dust has settled, does not come out with a major addition to their roster. I think Utah is very frustrated with the results of the playoffs from the last two years against Houston, knows they need a little bit more stylistic diversity, a little bit more juice, and I don’t think they’re going to wait two more years of Donovan Mitchell [to develop].

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: It is becoming very obvious that Utah is looking far and wide in order to upgrade its roster. Everyone is hearing the rumblings that are coming from Utah in some form or another. It’s exciting to hear many plugged in NBA journalists say they expect Utah to come out of the offseason looking very different and significantly improved. It appears Utah is wanting to move fast. More and more I’m getting the feeling that Utah is going to make a move before the NBA Draft on Thursday. We could be looking at a deal happening by Wednesday. Then again, I thought the Conley to Utah deal was a done deal at the trade deadline. Fool me once ... shame on me. Fool me twice ...

June 17th, 2019

Utah Jazz would be interested in D’Angelo Russell if the Brooklyn Nets renounce his cap hold

Tony Jones of The Athletic:

The Jazz would have interest in Russell, but only if the Nets renounce his cap hold, making him an unrestricted free agent. As a player, the Jazz like Russell. He’s a dynamic presence in pick and roll and the Jazz have one of the best PNR bigs in the league in Rudy Gobert. Russell is also a dynamic isolation player, capable of creating his own offense off the dribble, which the Jazz sorely need in support of Donovan Mitchell. Most importantly, Russell and Mitchell have a close and longstanding relationship. However, the Jazz are very unlikely to make a substantial offer sheet to Russell or any RFA, because to clear the needed space, they would be forced to renounce the rights to Derrick Favors, and they aren’t going to do that for less than a sure thing. So, if the Nets sign a significant free agent or two and Russell shakes loose on the market, the Jazz may explore. But if Russell stays an RFA, it’s unlikely the Jazz pursue.

Rating: Crowder

My_Lo’s Take: The best case scenario for the Utah Jazz’s offseason is also the riskiest. If Utah were to wait and see what happens to D’Angelo Russell, the opportunity for Mike Conley may be gone as Boston or Indiana could have moved into the pole position to swipe the Memphis point guard. In addition, teams like Phoenix are positioned to play the long game If they miss out on Russell in free agency, their ceiling is what most expected. Utah’s dealing with expectations and a core that suddenly has a timer on it as Rudy Gobert hits his prime. Patrick Beverly could be gone, too, by the time Utah is making a play for Russell. Even Ricky Rubio—conceivably Utah’s Plan R—could have already signed somewhere. It’s a big risk. Utah would want to know that Russell had significant interest in teaming up with Donovan, and currently that’s not the case.

June 17th, 2019

Utah Jazz’s Derrick Favors is currently not involved in any deal for Memphis Grizzlies’ Mike Conley

Rating: Crowder

My_Lo’s Take: I’m giving this a maybe just because trade talks are so fluid. At the trade deadline the Utah Jazz drew a hard line in the sand when it came to asking for Derrick Favors and Dante Exum. That memory is probably seared into their brain and they may have chosen to make a different move at the deadline had they known Golden State would be breaking down in the Western Conference Finals. Hindsight is 20/20. It does appear that Utah is trying to get this deal done before or at the NBA Draft so that they can enter NBA Free Agency with even more cap space to fill out the roster around their new core of Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert.

June 17th, 2019

The Utah Jazz are rumored to be frontrunners in the pursuit of Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The Grizzlies are intensifying talks to potentially move franchise cornerstone Mike Conley Jr., league sources told The Athletic. Memphis has been in conversations with the Jazz and Utah is a frontrunner to acquire Conley should the Grizzlies trade the point guard during draft week, league sources said.

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: It appears everything has come full circle. Back in February I said it wouldn’t surprise me if Utah and Memphis were right back at the same place at the NBA Draft. Well ... here we are. The question now becomes what type of deal does Utah come up with? What does it entail? If Utah doesn’t want to move Favors then they have to part with other fan favorites like Joe Ingles, Dante Exum, Kyle Korver, Raul Neto and/or Jae Crowder. If Utah wants to wait for the deal to be made on July 6th then they can absorb Conley into cap space, but it affects what else they can accomplish in free agency. How big of a change to the roster does Utah want to make?

June 17th, 2019

The Utah Jazz are interested in Patrick Beverley?

According to a person with a lot of followers on Twitter:

Rating: Rose

My_Lo’s Take: I’m adding this because it’s getting shared by a lot of people in the Utah Jazz social media bubble. While I feel that Utah would be expected to show interest in Patrick Beverley, it’s only as a Plan C or D if things go horribly wrong trying to acquire Mike Conley or D’Angelo Russell. I also don’t know where this guy is sourcing is stuff. This is a great time to point out you can’t believe everything you hear from a guy who just happens to have a lot of twitter followers. He doesn’t cite “sources” nor does he show how he has the credence to have those sources. There’ll be many of these floating around trying to get RTs, likes, and just to be utter trolls. He may be plugged in, but at this point, accounts like these rightfully deserve to be scrutinized until they have a more proven track record.

June 12th, 2019

Utah Jazz now in pursuit of Mike Conley as we approach the 2019 NBA Draft

Adrian Wojnarowski during ESPN’s NBA Mock Draft Special:

Rating: Crowder

My_Lo’s Take: I mean ... if Woj is getting wind of it, there’s a lot of chatter again. The one thing that should be noted: Dennis Lindsey was furious that trade rumors were leaked to the press at the NBA Trade Deadline. Dennis Lindsey went as far as to describe the leaking as “unethical.” The good news for Memphis is this time with Utah, they are most likely working directly with Justin Zanik rather than Dennis Lindsey. Zanik—who used to be a player agent—may feel more comfortable dealing with the TMZ-ification of the NBA Rumor Mill. What will be interesting this time around is what Utah will give as collateral for a trade.

Utah Jazz expected to make another run at Mike Conley

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer:

At no. 2, the franchise will have its choice of some talented prospects, namely Murray State point guard Ja Morant, a playmaking savant with rocket-boosters for shoes, or Duke forward R.J. Barrett, a tough shotmaker with the potential to emerge as a versatile defender. Morant, especially, seems like an intriguing fit: He would make for a tremendous long-term pick-and-roll partner with Jackson and could learn the tricks of the trade behind veteran point guard Mike Conley Jr. (That is, unless Memphis trades Conley—multiple league sources said this week that the Jazz are expected to make another push for him after failing to land him prior to the deadline.) However, the Grizzlies stand out as the team that should most strongly consider trading down. Since Memphis will cede a future first-round pick to the Celtics, it has extra incentive to use this pick to acquire another asset.

Rating: Crowder

My_Lo’s Take: We expected this all the way back in February. The talks were not ended as much as they were paused for a future time. Memphis wasn’t sure of its direction and their front office was ripe for a restructuring. Memphis’ general management has been reorganized a couple months ago and now they have a vision for the future—landing the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft didn’t hurt things either.

February 7th, 2019

Utah Jazz still have not ‘abandoned its pursuit of Mike Conley’

From Marc Stein of the New York Times:

Utah, meanwhile, has not abandoned its pursuit of Mike Conley, league sources say, even knowing Conley’s preference is to go to the East if he is dealt today. As discussed here yesterday, Memphis may decide its trade options for Conley broaden by waiting until closer to the draft

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s take: I feel like Utah is headed to disaster here, not because of their ineptitude, but the Grizzlies are the engineer of this nightmare trade. They couldn’t even trade Tyreke Evans last trade deadline when their only job was to trade Tyreke Evans at the last trade deadline.

February 6th, 2019

Wizards are going to Wizard. Otto Porter traded for Jabari Parker and Bobby Portis.

The Utah Jazz who are focused on Mike Conley are watching stretch bigs that they’ve been linked to previously get snatched up by other teams. Last night it was Tobias Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers, tonight it’s Otto Porter to the Chicago Bulls.

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: Ernie Grunfeld strikes again. The man he a wizard at not only being bad at his job then being worse at covering up his mistakes. He not only got worse value than what the Mavericks got for Harrison Barnes only hours later, he also didn’t get a single 1st round pick for Otto. There would have been better offers that provided the Wizards with the same perks of cap space and actual draft picks, but he just jumped at the first opportunity. This is a prime example of being a General Manager doesn’t necessarily make you competent or good at your job. Jazz fans are lucky to have Dennis Lindsey because it’s much easier to have a terrible GM than to have a competent one.

February 6th, 2019

Utah going after Kyle Lowry? That’s a big no.

Tony Jones of The Athletic:

As of now, there is no traction on a potential Kyle Lowry to Utah trade, league sources tell The Athletic. Jazz are focused on Mike Conley

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: This could all change in a heartbeat. Utah is going full steam ahead toward Mike Conley. While there are rumors that Conley doesn’t want to stay in the Western Conference—presumably because he most likely would like to earn an All Star bonus once in his career—that would not deter Utah from getting the best player they can at the Deadline. Now we wait.

February 6th, 2019

Rumored deal to Memphis includes Ricky Rubio, Derrick Favors

From Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer:

The Jazz are making a strong push to acquire the 31-year-old point guard, as first reported by The Athletic’s Tony Jones. The Jazz are offering a deal with Ricky Rubio and Derrick Favors serving as the (expiring) salary fillers necessary to complete a trade, plus one first-round pick, according to league sources. Though Conley is known for his playmaking, he’d be an ideal fit next to Donovan Mitchell because of his consistent perimeter shooting. Conley has shot 46.4 percent off screens over the past three seasons on an admittedly low volume of 106 attempts. Playing alongside Mitchell, Conley could see an uptick in off-ball opportunities.

The Pistons also have interest in Conley, and so did the Pacers prior to Victor Oladipo’s injury. The sense around the league has been that Memphis won’t settle for a low return for Conley, but there’s a real chance that he’ll be dealt by the deadline.

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: Well ... now we know how much Utah’s soul is worth. Derrick Favors, Ricky Rubio, and a first round pick for Mike Conley. This seems fair. It hurts, but it seems fair. Utah would have a four out lineup capable of hitting the three with Crowder at the four. Thabo becomes the backup four if the buyout market can’t yield a Jabari Parker, and we would see Joe Ingles playing more backup four as well. This seems like enough to do the deal. Honestly, in past iterations of this deal I questioned whether Utah’s offer was enough. I’m not questioning that anymore. Utah can also convince Memphis that they can do what the Clippers did with Tobias Harris and flip this contract again next year for additional assets. This feels like we’re close to seeing this saga end with Conley in a Jazz uniform.

February 6th, 2019

Detroit Pistons backing out of talks with Memphis for Conley?

From Vince Ells of the Detroit Free Press:

And I gather #Pistons aren’t expecting to land Mike Conley at this juncture. “Asking too much,” source says. Bullock trade would appear to be that realization.

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: The Memphis Grizzlies probably tried to raise the asking price again. We don’t know what they are asking for, but it’s enough to get the Detroit Pistons to change their strategy from “win now” to “let’s get assets” mode. Right now it appears that Utah is in the driver’s seat for Conley. But if the price became too rich for Detroit, what does it require for Utah? Hopefully, the Jazz aren’t selling their soul for just a couple extra wins.

February 1st, 2019

Utah Jazz have “significant interest” in Mike Conley

Marc Stein of the New York Times reporting:

Utah has had exploratory discussions with Memphis on a potential swap headlined by Mike Conley and Ricky Rubio in advance of next week’s trade deadline, according to league sources.

For those talks to progress all the way to a deal, though, would require additional pieces as well as Utah absorbing the two years and $66 million remaining on Conley’s contract -- which is obviously steep.

The Jazz have undeniable interest in Conley as the deadline approaches, league sources say, but it is a big step up financially from Rubio’s $15 million expiring deal. Memphis is believed to covet prime draft compensation in a trade involving either Conley or Marc Gasol

Rating: Splash Uncles

My_Lo’s Take: This looks like it’s close to being done. Looking at prior deals that have come to light this trade deadline, they’ve progressed incredibly quickly from the time the rumor like this comes out to when it fully ends. Utah wants a third piece next to Gobert and Mitchell. Conley provides that and brings a host of playoff experience. It’s a big risk bringing on someone at his age, but when you’re a small market team, you don’t have the benefit of low risk acquisitions. We could bet talking about this trade in reality by the end of this weekend. My prediction is this deal goes through after the Rockets game tomorrow night so Utah doesn’t go the next couple games with an even more limited roster.

January 24th, 2019

Utah Jazz now interested in both Mike Conley and Otto Porter Jr.

Tony Jones of The Athletic has the report:

As we head into trade deadline season, the Jazz continue to search for that dynamic third piece that up to this point has eluded them, league sources tell The Athletic. According to sources, the Jazz have expressed interest in Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley and Wizards small forward Otto Porter Jr., both of whom have been put on the trade block by their respective teams.

Does that mean the Jazz will for sure actively make offers for one or both? Not necessarily. But it does mean if circumstances align, the Jazz may have interest in throwing their hat into the ring.

Rating: Splash Step-Uncle

My_Lo’s Take: Okay ... okay ... so I made up a new rating, but hear me out on this. WE’RE SO CLOSE. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this one is filling the Salt Lake Valley faster than a terrible inversion in winter time. The one line—not sure if it’s a throwaway—where Jones says could they make an offer for both, makes me wonder ... how far is Utah willing to go to hit this window with Donovan and Gobert? They could possible land both, they would be selling a lot of the farm, but could Utah go ALL IN? We normally talk about them going all in for one player. But what if they really go for it? Interesting times in Wasatch right now.

January 23rd, 2019

Utah Jazz looking to acquire Otto Porter Jr.

Shams Charania of The Athletic has the story:

Depending on how the next week to two weeks shape up, the Wizards could look more aggressively toward moving Otto Porter. The Utah Jazz have been an interested suitor for Porter, league sources said. Beal has helped lead the Wizards to seven wins in their past 10 games, carrying a squad that lost All-Star John Wall to season-ending heel surgery before the New Year.


My_Lo’s take: WE’RE GETTING WARMER. This one seems to be inching closer to Splash Uncle territory. The Jazz liked Otto Porter during the summer of our malcontent with Gordon Hayward. This rumor feels like it has legs as it has Washington drawing a line in the sand with Beal and Utah has pieces on their team that they can part with that would still allow Washington to move up in the playoff race. Favors would be an upgrade at the 5 for Washington and Rubio would fill in nicely for the injured John Wall.

January 22nd, 2019

Mike Conley on the move?

From Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Memphis ownership and management have decided that they’ve reached an organizational crossroads and are preparing to weigh deal scenarios on one or both of their cornerstone veterans between now and the Feb. 7 trade deadline -- and perhaps into the offseason, league sources said.

The Grizzlies could decide to keep one or both players if no deals meet the threshold of a desired return, but the organization is motivated to begin reshaping the roster around 2018 first-round pick, forward Jaren Jackson, league sources said.

The Grizzlies will pursue typical deal packages for veteran stars, including young talent, future draft picks and salary cap relief, league sources said.

Rating: Splash Uncle

My_Lo’s take: Expect Utah’s name to be linked to Conley just because Utah has a starting point guard on an expiring contract and an unproven young talent in Exum. Utah is one of the few teams out there can combine veteran stars (Favors), young talent (Dante Exum, Grayson Allen, Tony Bradley or Royce O’Neale), and draft picks to provide cap relief to Memphis. There’s only a few teams out there motivated to look at a deal like Conley’s and think about it. Utah will be one of them. That doesn’t mean it happens or even if Utah is interested, but they check all the boxes. Does Utah want Conley and his LARGE $31M/year contract? We’ll see.

There is one big fan of Conley in Utah though. He’s an ex-SLC Dunk writer so please forgive him.

January 20th, 2019

Otto Porter not likely to be dealt at trade deadline?

Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

Apparently Wizards owner Ted Leonsis could have been even more clear when he delivered the edict last week that his team will ”never, ever tank.”


That means Beal is highly unlikely to be dealt. Otto Porter Jr. can be considered similarly and John Wall should go without saying given his current injury status and hefty trade kicker.

All of that doesn’t mean the Wizards won’t get calls. There are reasons why people are connecting the dots on Beal and Porter. The Wizards have underperformed this season and they are good, veteran players. That is generally the most basic formula for trade speculation.

Rating: Splash Uncle

My_Lo’s Take: Otto Porter to Jazz rumors meet wet blanket. Owners can be the biggest variable in this league and you can’t fire them. They own the joint. Even if Washington’s GM Ernie Grunfeld wants to move Porter for cap flexibility, he’s sure to meet major resistance from the Wizards owner, Ted Leonsis. Utah has a good working relationship with their front office—they previously worked out a trade that brought Shelvin Mack from Washington to Utah a few years back—but if Ted doesn’t want to blow it up, it won’t happen. As of right now, it looks like Porter is going to remain a Wizard for the rest of this season, at least.

January 16th, 2019

Otto Porter to the Utah Jazz?

Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst on ESPN’s The Jump:

Woj: Otto Porter will be the interesting player from now until the trade deadline. There’s interest around the league and especially in the Western Conference for him. Is there a team that can offer the type of package that would make Washington want to do that? They have those three max contracts—and financially they’re really strapped—having Porter under the max deal and, obviously, Bradley Beal and Wall. So Porter is the way to get out of salary cap hell right now and maybe create some flexibility. Can anyone put together a deal to make Washington turn their attention to it?

Windy: Two teams to watch on this, I’m not saying they can pull it off: Utah and Sacramento. [They] would both love to have Otto Porter. Otto Porter has been great since he moved to a sixth man role and has been a big part of their turnaround. They’ve already been buyers in the trade market and they’re only two games back of the playoffs. I’m sure this front office—that is in a bit of danger going forward—is not in a position to want to sell.


My_Lo’s Take: Otto Porter was one of the players Utah had been eyeing as a backup plan should Gordon Hayward leave Utah. While it wasn’t in the cards in the past, that doesn’t mean that Utah has forgotten their Plan B. The reason this is a CROWDER is the Washington Wizards aren’t incentivized to tank right now as they’ve worked their way back into the playoffs. The price for Otto Porter would be HIGH as Utah could be asking the Wizards to forego that beautiful playoff revenue.

January 14th, 2018

Memphis blows it up and Utah goes for Mike Conley?

Parker Fleming of Grizzly Bear Blues:

Utah Receives: Mike Conley

Memphis Receives: Derrick Favors, Dante Exum, and a top-20 protected 2020 first-round pick.

Why Utah does it: Donovan Mitchell needs help. No one else in Utah can create their own shot. With Ricky Rubio being a free agent this summer, and Exum still not flourishing, Conley could become a top target for the Jazz.

Why Memphis does it: Dante Exum could use a fresh start. As a 6’6” guard, he at the least could be a menace defensively — as he showed last playoffs. If he finds his niche offensively, the Grizzlies would have another nice complimentary piece next to Jackson. With Favors, it’s a win-win move. He’s a veteran big man that could keep Jackson at the 4 next season. In addition, his $18M next season is non-guaranteed, which becomes a nice little trade chip.

Rating: Rubio

My_Lo’s Take: This one is just fluff. It’s fun fluff, but it’s fluff. Would Utah go after Mike Conley? Depends. It seems more implausible with every passing game with Donovan Mitchell excelling at point guard. The future appears to be with the positionless backcourt of Mitchell and Exum rather than adding a ball dominant point guard in Conley with Donovan Mitchell. The future at PG isn’t with your typical floor general like Conley. It’s guys like Luka Doncic, James Harden, and Donovan Mitchell running the show as combo guards with weapons built around them.