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Mike Conley was on his way to see his mom when he found out he was traded to Utah

Mike Conley didn’t find out until he got off the plane

When an NBA player is traded most don’t know the day and the hour that it’ll happen. For Mike Conley, he was on a plane flight to see his mom in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Conley wouldn’t find out until he got off the plane.

“I was actually traveling to my mom’s house in Fayetteville, Arkansas and got off the plane and found out I had been traded. It happened so quick. I kinda expected it, but once it happened, all of the emotions and feelings came in.”

“After about 35 minutes or so, it all settled in and I’m really excited about the new opportunity.”

To put the whole city of Utah to rest, Mike Conley had this to say, “It was an honest mistake! I was rushing when I was typing it, I was in a place where I couldn’t use my my phone... It’ll be my last turnover I promise.”

Mike Conley is REALLY excited to get going in Utah, “It’s crazy! I’m thinking about it the opposite way, me coming there and the guys they already have in place, they were already there and I’m just trying to blend in. It’s just an honor and humbling that people feel that way about me.”

On the roster Mike Conley was very complimentary. He believes the team is going to mesh well and it’ll be a seamless fit. He was very complimentary of Royce O’Neale—and guess what Exum Islanders—Dante Exum as well.