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Jazz Twitter community loses a good one: Derek Travis (@MosesStone1980) has passed away

Here’s how you can contribute to his family’s GoFundMe.


On Tuesday, we received some sad news in our Jazz community. Derek Travis, known as @MosesStone1980 on Twitter passed away. Derek leaves behind a wife and three young children.

Derek was a great member of our Jazz community on Twitter. He was always positive, he didn’t get into petty arguments, he was always supportive of the team and other Jazz fans.

From his friend Mark Mueller:

Derek was always interested in the Jazz. He was always asking the group of us about players, stats, ways to improve. I think he knew a lot of that stuff but he was just so humble and kind that he wanted to make everyone else feel important before himself.

He always was so upbeat about the Jazz and when there was an awful loss he was frequently there commiserating but also providing a voice of reason and belief in the future of the team.

From our founder Basketball John:

A few other tweets of condolence:

Please, if you are able, please donate to the fund that was set up for Derek’s family. Derek was the sole provider for his family and with an unexpected death his young family could use the help.