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Mike Conley officially joins Jazz, arrives in Utah

“I can tell it’s going to be special place to play”

Utah Jazz/Twitter

The Mike Conley trade became official yesterday, as he arrived in Utah for the first time as a member of the Utah Jazz. Conley had a lot of good to say about Utah and the organization in a short video produced by the Jazz digital team.

Conley mentioned the welcoming feeling from the fans, and the overall vibe of the city.

I can already feel the love man, I can tell it’s going to be special place to play.

He also had some high praise for the organization and it’s star players, claiming that there was not a better place he could have imagined being traded to.

You couldn’t have been traded to a better situation as far as the culture and the abilities the young guys have.

He referred to Utah as “home”, which is always a good sign from arriving players and their mindset towards joining a new team.

It’s just cool to finally have both feet planted and know that this is home.

It was also made official that Conley won’t be hijacking the number 11 worn by Dante Exum, and will instead sport the number 10 as a Jazz man.

The Mike Conley Era in Utah is now official, and finalizes one of the biggest moves in franchise history. It’s a good time to be a Jazz fan.