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Russell Crowe wasn’t happy about his seat for Australia vs Team USA

Crowe and other fans didn’t exactly have a great view of the court.

Australia v Team USA: Game 1 Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

There were over 50,000+ people in attendance at the Australia vs Team USA game, but that doesn’t mean all were able to have a good view. You may be thinking that meant the people in the nosebleeds, but those folks probably had a better view than the people who paid to be on the floor close to courtside. Unlike American stadiums that actually have, ya know, stadium seating, the crew at Marvel Stadium just put up a ton of seats flat. Russell Crowe, the beautiful mind that he is, has the full report.

He then started RT’ing others’ frustrations.

That’s definitely not optimal seating for ground level at a basketball game. This looks more like seating for an LDS stake conference rather than an actual ball game. While getting 50,000+ people to see a game in Australia is extremely noteworthy, it’s important to make sure it’s a memorable experience—for the right reasons—for all involved.

For those who missed the game, Team USA won after pulling away in the second half behind strong efforts from Donovan Mitchell and Kemba Walker.