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NOT A DRILL, Utah Jazz mountain throwbacks are available for pre-sale

Take my money.

The beautiful ‘97 throwback jerseys were just released this morning and that can mean only one thing ... HOW CAN I BUY **** WITH MOUNTAINS ON IT???

Luckily, it appears the Utah Jazz are ready for us nostalgic lemmings who just have money to burn and mountains to wear.

In case your eyes went straight to the number on your credit card too quickly there are some limitations.

  • Limited quantities
  • Estimated ship date: On or before 10/15
  • Limit 5 jerseys per player per order
  • Card charged at time of order

Just a quick perusal at the Utah Jazz Team Store site and there are some beauties there.

If memory serves all of us correctly, the purple jerseys were hard to come by last year. The City uniforms two seasons ago were more precious than gold. Fair warning, those who act fastest will probably have their Donovan Mitchell mountains jersey.