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Watch Donovan Mitchell with Team USA: USA Basketball Exhibition Schedule

FIBA World Cup is just around the corner.

Team USA is getting close to hooping it up this month as they take on the world at the FIBA World Cup. That means one thing: Donovan Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell has a chance to be the face of the Team USA. We’ll soon get to see that face a lot more as Team USA released their scrimmage schedule.

8/9 Blue vs White (Vegas) 8:00 PM MDT

8/16 vs Spain (Anaheim) 8:00 PM

8/22 vs Australia (Melbourne) 3:30 AM

8/24 vs Australia (Melbourne) 10:00 PM

8/26 vs Canada (Sydney) 3:30 AM

All of these games will be televised on NBAtv. There are three notable games. One against Spain which will feature ex-Jazzman Ricky Rubio. The other two will be against Joe Ingles and the Aussie Boomers. Get ready for the superb trash talk on twitter between Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles.

Basketball—sort of—is back.