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Royce O’Neale gathers teammates and sponsors ‘Strikes for Kids’ charity event

Strikes for Kids

Royce O’Neale has made a name for himself in the NBA over the past two seasons. Despite the added exposure, fame, and the potential of a juicy contract extension, he is staying grounded in just being a good person.

O’Neale hosted “Strikes for Kids”, a charity event for the local Boys and Girls Club at Fat Cats bowling alley Tuesday night. Not only did he host the event, he brought in his teammates, including some of the biggest names on the Jazz roster aka Donovan Mitchell and newly-acquired Mike Conley. There were about 70 kids that enjoyed a night of bowling, pizza, autographs, and hanging out with these Jazz players, courtesy of Royce O’Neale and the Strikes for Kids foundation. The kids were also gifted backpacks full of school supplies, to help alleviate stress at this time of the year for kids going back to school.

“We support each other and what Royce is doing,” Jazz point guard Mike Conley said. “We support the community. It’s just fun to be around and get to see everybody’s faces. It’s for a good cause and everybody’s having a good time.”

It’s always good to see these guys give back to the community, especially getting all of the other teammates involved. Respect to Royce, Strikes for Kids, Fat Cats, and the Utah Jazz for their involvement with the event.

Strikes for Kids mission:

Strikes For Kids is a 501(c)(3) national charitable organization. Since our inception in 2012, we have organized over 100 bowling, softball and golf events. Strikes For Kids partners with more than 125 NFL, NBA, MLB and MMA athletes to allow fans and their families the rare opportunity to mingle with professional athletes for an enjoyable afternoon/evening of fun while supporting a worthy cause at an affordable cost. Strikes For Kids also provides local businesses a unique opportunity to create a team building exercise while seeing their tax deductible donation impact lives.

​The mission of our organization is to coordinate these events nationally that empower and inspire the youth to achieve their goals and motivate them to become the leaders of tomorrow. We enrich the lives of students and youth organizations in the community in which these events are held by partnering up with various organizations that reward the children for their hard work in the classroom, demonstrating great behavior and excelling in sports.