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Donovan Mitchell is leading Team USA to gold

The media is finally taking note of just how good Donovan Mitchell is

Czech Rep v USA: Group E - FIBA World Cup 2019 Photo by Yifan Ding/Getty Images

It’s finally September and it feels like the offseason has lasted for months. Luckily for NBA fans they’ve been blessed with Team USA Basketball. The surprise leader of the team? Donovan Mitchell.

How long ago was it that people were wondering whether Mitchell would make the team? Now it feels like if the United States want gold it will be because Donovan Mitchell led them there.

On this episode of the SLC Punks Podcast we discuss Donovan Mitchell’s rise and his vital role for Team USA.

We discuss some of the strange takes from various media about Mitchell and the weird dismissal of what he’s doing. I guess all it took for him to change minds was for them to actually watch him. Who knew?

Then we look at some of the bad summer takes surfacing on the twittersphere and the importance of context and film when discussing numbers. We also touch on some of our biggest pet peeves about how the Jazz, and basketball in general, get covered.

Finally we talk about Rudy Gobert and his performance with France and also touch on FIBA and their suprise visit to perform drug tests. We also discuss Joe Ingles, his performance in the World Cup and what to expect from him this season for the Utah Jazz.

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