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JINGLED: Joe Ingles leads Australia to an upset of France, Rudy Gobert

Joe Ingles now has supreme Jazz locker room bragging rights. We will never hear the end of it.

France v Australia - FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Photo by Herve Bellenger/Icon Sport via Getty Images

The greatest trash talker in the league just earned the greatest bragging rights he could possibly ask for: indisputable evidence that he’s the best player in his own locker room. Joe Ingles’ Australian team just took down another teammate’s national team. First it was Donovan Mitchell and Team USA, and now Rudy Gobert feels the pain of being JINGLED. The Australians upset France (100-98).

Joe Ingles just wasn’t around for the ride with the win either. He scored 23 points in the victory on 8 of 15 shooting while adding 2 rebounds and 2 assists. Patty Mills—who has been an absolute monster in the tournament—added 30 points for the Australians.

This game was a great one from the beginning to end with France and Australia trading blows. One thing that helped keep the Aussies in it was getting Rudy Gobert in foul trouble. He had two fouls early in the game which allowed the Aussies to attack the rim mercilessly. They shot 62.5% from two.

While Rudy Gobert was forced to be conservative on defense due to foul trouble, he went full Point Center as he dished out a team high 6 assists to go along with his 8 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He also only had one turnover. Rudy Gobert may not have been a scoring machine, but he was an assist monster (not including the countless screen assists).

With 1 minute left in the game and the game tied, Joe Freaking Ingles was able to get to the rim for the layup to put the Aussies up two. On the following possession, Nando De Colo hit a prayer of a two point shot to tie the game back up. In what was the play of the game, Matthew Dellavedova drew Rudy Gobert’s fifth foul. He went to the line and hit both of his free throws to go up two. With Rudy Gobert out of the game, France was unable to create any separation in their pick and roll game, but De Colo hit another prayer. Tie game again.

With Rudy Gobert out, Dellavedova went right to the rim to challenge Gobert’s backup Vincent Poirier. He drew the foul and one out of two free throws to go up by 1. France called timeout, but Patty Mills got the steal on the next possession to seal the game.

With the loss, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are on a collision course to play against each other next game on Wednesday at 5:00AM. Both Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert have suffered defeat at the hands of Ingles. I believe this is a bragging rights consolation game.

With the win, Joe Ingles and the Australians are headed to play Ricky Rubio and Spain. While no longer teammates, you best believe Joe Ingles would like to get himself another trash talk trophy.


Rudy Gobert got JINGLED. Not just his team, but Joe Ingles rope a doped Rudy Gobert.

There is a 100% chance Joe Ingles shows up to the first day of camp with a t-shirt with that highlight on it.

It even got Lil Nas X’s attention. OLD TOWN ROAD, Y’ALL. OLD TOWN ROAD.

Here’s the gif.